Lack of sleep, lifting and feeding your baby can wreak havoc on your body. We've put together some tips to help you make small adjustments which could help you stay away from having to go to the physio....

1. Become aware of how you carry your baby and the shopping.
Prior to having your baby, if you're right handed you may have been used to carrying all your shopping or heavy items in your right hand...Try using both hands so that both sides get a work out. That way you'll build up muscle strength in both sides. Remember to always bend from the knees and rise slowly and avoid any heavy movements.

2. Post it notes to remind yourself to roll your shoulders and neck.
Stick them on the fridge, the mirrors or anywhere that's likely to catch your eyes. Stand tall in front of the mirror and slowly lower your head down the centre and then roll clock-wise a few times and then counter-clockwise. Tennis balls can also be a great way to release tension in your back. Standing flush with the wall insert a tennis ball between your upper back and the wall and use the ball to knead into sore muscles.

3. Push the pram and walk in general with a tall spine.
You may not realise it but you may well be walking with a curved spine or even looking down (tempting when your little bundle of cuteness is looking up at you. Try to push your hips forward slightly and imagine a thread is holding your head up so that you walk straighter.

4. Make sure you elevate your baby to feed so that you are not bending your spine downwards.
There are great pregnancy feeding pillows you can get to make sure your upper body is straight, but you can also improvise with normal pillows.

5. Address any aches or pains before they develop into chronic pain.
Trust us you'll save yourself a lot of time and money at the physio if you face up to those niggley aches and pains before they become chronic pain. Sometimes going for a swim or massage can really help or if it's become something stronger, see a physio.

Have you got any tips from your own personal experience to add to this list?