I had my daughter in August and I have been exclusively breastfeeding her for 4 months.

I was lucky to have a straight-forward labour, she was born naturally and I had no epidural. I felt good for the first 8 weeks.

About 8-9 weeks after her birth I started to experience tingling, burning and soreness in the soles of my feet which seemed to be worse after exercise. I also started to get very achy hips and legs, tight leg muscles and lower back ache- as well as small muscle twitches that came and went.
My fingers also seem to get stiff at times on both hands - and I've had some burning skin sensations and extra tiredness in my upper arms. I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced similar feelings?

I've been to the GP and have done various blood tests - and MRI scans which have all been normal so far.
I'm wondering if this could still be hormonal, and I am just extra sensitive to these hormones - or if anyone else has had a similar experience- or insights?

I'm trying to enjoy this special time with my baby daughter - but am also worrying about these ailments.