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Does anyone find it hard to exercise & lose weight with a new bub??? Lock Rss

Hello , I have a 2mth old baby boy. Before I got pregnant I was a size 12 and after having him I am now a size 14. I have 8/9kgs to lose before I get to my pre-pregnancy weight but I just find that its not as easy to exercise and lose weight as it was before bub came along!!!

Does anyone else feel this way?? Also I am a very indep person and I also like to have some ME time every now and then. I LOVE my baby ( he is our first ) but I sometimes feel like I just need a hour or 2 without him so I can do ME stuff but then I start to feel guilty!!! ( I am feeling guilty writing this )!!!

Does anyone else feel like that??? and do they feel guilty also???

Mum 2 Brock 22/03/06 & Jenna 27/04/08.

Hi Renee,

I 'm exactly the same. I have a ten week old baby girl and before i had her i was a size 10-12. During my pregnancy i put on way too much weight. I was very naive in thinking that all my baby weight would just fall off after giving birth, yeah right!! here I'am ten weeks later still trying! I have been going to the gym on a Saturday and Sunday so hubby can mind bub. I try to go for an hour but I'm the same as you, i start to feel guilty and sometimes dont last very long at all. Madison also goes to sleep around 6-7pm every night, so i try to do a excersise video that way i dont have to leave her at all. Going for a walk is always good too.

Have you got any family or friends that could mind bub for a while? Even if you do feel guilty i think its really important to have some 'you' time. You need to be happy and healthy for bub's sake and have your sanity in store! Just think it will be better for you both in the long run!

(Maybe i should listen to my own advice lol!!)

Hang in there smile

Mum 2 Madison 2 & Lucas 7 months

Please don't beat yourself up about your time. It is just as important as his time. I have a 9 week boy he is my 3rd and i know exactly how frustrating it can be losing weight and actually finding the time. I am currently trying to get into my pre preg winter clothes as i was preg through summer.

The most important person right now is YOU if there was no you how would your baby and your hubby survive? Your "ME" time is not to be used as a guilt session its for you to become stronger and healthier so you can function. If i don't get my ME time and this may just be a sit down and a cup of coffee, i become frustrated and grumpy, then noone wants to be around mum.

Everyone needs it and especially us special mums who keep our families functioning.

You are doing a great job and keep on enjoying your "me" time.

And remember it takes us 9mths to stack on the pounds it will take a while to come off be positive and paitent and don't give up!

All the very best
Amanda - mother of Bryson, Carter and James

Amanda Qld

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