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I am always hungry and need carbs!! Lock Rss

Hi there Mums,
I am fully breastfeeding my 9 week old son.
I have noticed that all I do is seem to eat!!! I am constantly hungry!! and mostly what I feel like eating is carbs like: bread, crackers, biscuits, potatoes etc. I do still eat a balanced diet with fruit and veges and meat.
Does anyone else have this problem?? Why is this??
I do not think I am putting on weight, maybe just feel a little flabby around the tummy area, but I think that is because of lack of exercise!!
I have heard that you can not put weight on while breastfeeding, is this true??
Once you stop breastfeeding does your appetite go back to normal??
I am not a big person so I do not have a weight issue but thats not to say I want to gain extra kilos.
Any feedback would be much appreciated.
Thanks Nikki

QLD, 1st child

Hi Nikki,
I am in the same boat as you, I am fully BF my 10 week old and constantly hungry. I'vebeen eating lots of bread and crackers, always have to have potatoes at dinner time and when I go out shopping, I pop into the eatery and have a big plate of lasagne or pasta bake. I eat a balance of things, plenty of fresh fruit and veg.
I'm quite small but I am still carrying a bit of weight from my pregnancy, I was 53kgs first weigh in and ended up at 80kg (had bad fluid retention and swelling) After the birth I was 65kgs and now 61kg, so far away from my original weight, but I feel like I need it???? I know that I definetly don't want to put on any more. I'm not a huge fan of exercise but walking with bub in the stroller has done a bit. Sorry I dont know why this is- wanting more carbs, it was suggested to me to eat Low GI foods, instead of all the spuds and things.
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