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Getting frustrated with siblings Lock Rss

I have 2 beautiful boys a 4 yr old and an 8 week old. I am finding that I have a very short fuse now (because of sleep deprivation) and my poor 4 year old cops it! He is at the stage of talking back and not listening so it gets very annoying. I think he plays on the fact that I can't get up and take something off him when I am breastfeeding.
He is a little monkey most of the day and I find myself yelling a lot due to absolute frustration.
Is anyone else in the same situation?

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Hi Rebecca,
I know exactly how you feel. I am a Mum to a 5yr old boy, 2 yr old boy & a 6wk girl.
The boys are becoming more & more cheeky as the weeks go by.
I have a hubbie that works away as well so that dosen't help.
I have the oldest boy in child care 3 days a week so that helps alot, but I have that Mother Guilt feeling all the time, as I am unable to put alot of time into them at present.
Take care, it will get easier.

FI, Mother to a 5yr boy & 2yr boy & 6 wk grli


I also have 2 boys my oldest is 4 in august and i have a 8 week old as well and i no exactly what u r saying.............

I feel im always telling my oldest off and he is soooo cheeky i no he must feel left out as the last 2 months of pregnancy i couldnt get on the floor and play and i was sooooooooo tired all the time so we couldnt do much and now im breast feeding and thats when he wants my attention and play but i cant so im always saying no i cant which i hope he doesnt resent his brother for taking all my attention of him!!!! which im sure he wont as he soooo loves his little brother and loves showing him off!!!

where abouts are u from??
do u have MSN so we can swap notes ??

thanks again Bree xx

Hi I`m a mum to 5 beautiful children our newest member only being 10 weeks old and yes I know exactly what your talking about.I have 2 children and our baby home with me during the day and they both play on me while I`m breastfeeding and you do tend to yell it seems the only thing to do.It`s very frustrating.I try to ignore the least bad things they do and it seems to lesson they realise that I`m not going to yell so they don`t do it.My 2and a half year old answers me back too and I know it`s so hard to just sit there and try and ignore it.I guess we just have to get through this stage. Tracey


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