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mothers groups/playgroups in campbelltown area Lock Rss

i live in the campbelltown area (st helens park) and i was wondering if anyone knew of any mothers groups or playgroups near st helens park or rosemeadow? i have a 5week old and i only really have 2 friends who have children and i would love to get to know more mums and make some friends, but i dont drive so any group i need to be able to walk to. so if anyone knows of any around this area i would love to know!

Mel, 22, NSW, Ava born 28th April 2006

hi mel. there is a section called COMMUNITIES in this forum. if you go ther, you can pick your state and see if anything interests you. if theres nothing in your area, you could start a post, and maybe start a mothers group

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

Hi Everyone

My name is Stephanie and i live in Bradbury, i just moved here whilst pregnant in September and then had DS in December. All this time i have never been to any groups or even chatted to any other mums as i dont really know anyone here and i dont get out being occupied with DS as all my family live in Ireland. I have my very supportive boyfriend but he works alot and his mum only. We would love to met up with other mums and babies for some play and chat. We just need to know where to met, what date and time. Hope to see/hear from you soon..

Kind regards

Stephanie and DS (Tiernan)
Hi Everyone,

I am currently living in the campbelltown area and have a baby due on the 7th nov 12, It would be lovely to

meet other mum's in the area at either a mothers group or a social outlet to have a chat and get to know

other mum's, I would be happy to exchange contact details with you so we could organise something soon to get out of the house.

Kylie smile

That sounds like a good idea to me !! my email address is [email protected] i look forward to hearing from you soon.
[quote post="3190726" name="Kylie_Ogilvie"][b]Kylie_Ogilvie wrote[/b]:
That sounds like a good idea to me !! my email address is [email protected] i look forward to hearing from you soon, but before i do go would you know of any mothers groups/play groups where we might be able to meet 1 another for a chat??
hello im crystal i have a 11 month old girl named ruby i would love to join a play group with other mothers and children. im 21 and live in campbelltown i dont have alot of friends who have kids so i would love to meet more mothers =] please reply if you no any groups around campbelltown area thank you very much
So firstly, I'm totally freaked out that there's another ogilvie in the campbelltown area Kylie AND we are due a week apart!!! And secondly I need pregnant friends:( the friends I do have are no way near having children; all they do is go out every weekend clubbing and drinking and I have no one to talk to or relate to except my mother. These hormones suck and sometimes you need someone other than your partner. And I keep flashing forward to when the baby comes and having no one there to support me cause my mum is moving 4 hrs away and my partner will be at work all the time and my friends just want to party. I think there really needs to be a mothers group in the area!
I just emailed u kylie! Bri and crystal, email me too?smile I think we should start a group:) [email protected]
I'd be happy to start some kind of Facebook group for us to all communicate easily of what we want to do and when:)
Ahhhhhh my iPhone is terrible! I spelt my email wrong:( email again:)
[email protected]

I left an L out, how embarrassing....must be baby brain!
Hi Louise, i am totally amazed there is also another Ogilvie aswell, and that we are due a week apart how interesting !!!!!! and that we both live in the campbelltown area total spinout, i would love to meet up with you 1 time and maybe we could start a mothers group in the area, i already have a fb page so if you look for my name and it will come up and you just need to click on it and i will accept you smile
hi girls i have an 11 month old and havent lived in the area long looking for a mothers group/playgroup have you all met up yet/
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