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how to loss wight Lock Rss

hi , my name is MONA and i have baby boy 9 weeks old his name is ADAM he is my first baby . i need to loss wight ASAP i lost 17 kg after one month from birth and now i need to loss anther 10kg . Don't tell me if u breast feeding and walking it will help, couse i've been trying for the last five weeks and it didn't work . so could some one give advice of how to lose wight fast??????
#i'm watching very well my diet but it's not working.
i used to wight 59kg and i'm now 69KG.


Hi Mona.

Well, if you are breastfeeding, exercising, and eating well, i cannot understand why you wouldn't be losing weight. Sometimes i think after birth, your body will never return back to the same shape.

I put on 12 kilos through my pregnancy and lost it all in the first week without effort, BUT i still don't fit perfectly in my old clothes because my hips are wider, and breasts bigger.

All i can recommend is you keep up with the exercise and eating well, don't worry (stress keeps on weight) and just be healthy. Come summer, your weight will probably fall off.

Good luck wink
Hi Mona,
I had my little girl 6 1/2 months ago and I am not quite back to my pre preganacy weight. I am still breastfeeding and have really started to notice the difference the last month or so. I too have been eating well and walking 3-4 times a week for about 45 minutes each time. I think it just takes time - probably not what you want to hear! When you are breastfeeding it is not a good idea to lose the weight too quickly as it can effect milk supply - 500grams a week is the recommended loss. For me, that is exactly what I was losing. I have been told by community nurses not to even bother getting on the scales until your baby is 6 months old as it it just too depressing! I didn't follow this advice but should have - the biggest difference for me was at around the 6 month mark. Don't worry, if you aren't scoffing tim tams and regularly exercising it will come off, even if it's not as quickly as we all would like!
hi kj
thanks for ur replying . i'm still the same thing my baby now he is 3 1/2 months old and i'm still trying to loss 10KG , i lost in the first month 20KG (i know i was soooooooooooo big ) my baby came in thanks god in good health . i'm already back to work ( this is my secound week) so i go to work walking this is 30 min and i go back home the same way(this is 30 min also) . so hopefuly i will lose my wight very soon with out effecting my milk.
what do you think!!!!!!!!!

i love to hear from every one ,and thanks as well to BriannasMyAngel for your replying and i love to hear more.


My daughter is now 7 months and I still have 2 kg to go! I put on about 16kg during my pregnancy so it was slow going. I think you've done well to lose 2/3 of your weight gain already. I really think if you're breastfeeding you will notice a big difference when your son is around 6 months without doing anything drastic to drop the weight. I know everyone is different but it seems to be the general concensus when talking to other mums. Let me know what happens on a couple of months!
Well, I think it just takes time! You have to remember your body has been through so much! I have 2 children, the first I put on 22kg and lost almost all of it by around 6 months except for 3 kg, this time I put on 20kg (my daughter now 9 weeks) and have lost most of it, just have about 5kg left! I don't excerise much at all, just run after my 3 year old all day long! I have found it easier to lose the weight this time than I did my first and everyone said it would be harder the 2nd time! I am 67kg now but hide it well as I am 6ft tall! I am sorry I don't have any solutions...everyone is different and some things work on some women but not on others! I hope someone can help you out there as it's nice to get back into shape after having a baby!!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Hi Mona,

I too am trying to lose some weight but I'm not to stressed about it. The doctors say it can take up to a year for things to slowly go back to normal. But I guess everyone is different. I find eating my bigger meals early in the day and having a smaller meal at night helps. AND always remember breakfast is the best and most important meal of the day. Drink plenty of water it helps to.


mirabi 28/11/03

My sister is a dietician and she says it takes AT least 3 months to lose excess weight which you put on and require as part of your pregnancy. She said if you are breastfeeding whatever you have left after 3 months is excess weight put on during pregnancy ... so firstly you need to give yourself a good 3 months before you start worrying about weight gain.

I have personally found that exercise and breastfeeding has helped me lose my weight (sorry Mona!). My bub is 11 weeks and I am actually 1kg lighter now than pre-pregnant and I have been eating like I am still pregnant (i.e. lots).

If breastfeeding you really need to be careful about trying to lose weight through food restriction as it effects your milk and what bub is getting. I think moving, moving, moving is the key. I pop bub in his pram every morning after his first feed and we go for a 30 minute walk. The fresh air and getting out of the house is so good for the both of you and I find my bub loves looking around at everything, but guaranteed by the time we get home he has fallen into a peaceful sleep smile I find mornings are best cause by the end of the day you and bub are generally more tired so it is easy to make excuses not to go.

That is my tip anyway ...

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Ooops, I just re-read what I wrote and it came out wrong. It takes 3 months at a MINIMUM to lose your pregnancy weight is what I meant to say. It depends on the person though cause it can take 12 months or more for some women. We need to remember our bodies have just created a new life so we need to give ourselves time to get back to normal and not beat ourselves up about it.

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

HI Mona,
When I had my first child, I was told (by a doctor) that it takes 3 years for a womens body to get totally back to normal after having a baby.
I too am carrying excess weight (from my 2nd baby) and on top of breast feeding and walking, i have been doing Pilates. It's said to work your core abdominal muscles which means pulling the muscles that stretched the most duing prgnancy back into shape. You can go toclasses at the gym or buy your on video to do at home (about $30 from Big W). Your local library may also have one that you could borrow to try it out first. I've found Pilates great.
Good luck...

Sheree, mum to 2 plus 1 on the way (dd 31-5-06)

Well hello. I put on 35kgs with being pregnant. I lost the 25 in 1-2 weeks with the help of breast feeding but still got another 10. Its harder now cause i cant just eat lil meals as im breast feeding to loss weight. Before i got married i was overweight and lost 35kgs. Now its harder to do cause i have to eat when the lil one is sleeping (when im not hungry) or if i dont and then she wakes up i cant eat and oo gosh i feel so hungry. So starting in acouple weeks hubby and i are gonna get working on the fat. Gonna get a video smile wish me luck

Karen - Jasmine 14/1/05 & Damon 31/1/07

Well I come to the conclusion that after your 1st, you really neve will get your body back.
Ive only had one but everybody I know and see who has more than one, never gets back.
My mum was thin after she had my sister, a bit puffier after my brohter..and well i ruined her life.
My g/f vanessa stayed thina fter her 1st. as soon as her 2nd popped out..she maintained her pregnancy weight of about 15kgs more than b4.
I dont want a 2nd caue i dont want my body to go crap but i know I will. Sk your mums and friends who ahve more than one.
I mean its not the same for everybody but I think most people will agree.

mum to bayden 25/02/05

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