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  5. ahhh!!!!!!!!!! STRETCH MARKS!!!!!!!!!1

ahhh!!!!!!!!!! STRETCH MARKS!!!!!!!!!1 Lock Rss

hey guys,

i had my baby boy 9 weeks ago and really coped a great deal of stetch marks.. ( i look like a stretch mark with a body underneath) lol hehe maybe not that bad, but i am really over the dreaded things.. does anyone have any ideas to get rid of them or make them lighter someway.. i have been using cocoa butter since before giving birth and still no luck.. if anyone could help would be really great..

look forward to hearing from you,..

Mel, Briz, 3 children

I was lucky enough not to get any stretch marks in my pregnancy, but i have them from losing too much weight too quickly back when i was 17. They eventually just faded on me. They are a silvery colour now instead of reddy/purple, and you hardly notice them (unless in the right light). I don't think anything removes them totally, but i hope you find something that works. I haven't... sorry. Just time helps.
Well what i do know is not good news. I had my baby girl 9 weeks ago aswell. I thought i was doing really well not getting any strech marks during my pregnacy. I must of jinxed my self because i'm getting them now!!!!!!! I tell my self that there not marks from streching rather marks from pulling back together. Cocoa butter and Vitiam e cream can help a little but strech marks are something that we don't have much control over. They will turn a white/cream colour in there own time. I was once told that people with soft fair skin are more likely to get them. How true that is i dont know. Good luck and try to pretend their not there.
I don't know about soft, fair skin being more likely to get stretch marks, that certainly seems to be the case for me. I copped a few marks over my thighs when I went through puberty - and I'm not a big girl - those have since faded and I can only see them if I look. However, I got a few more there and heaps on my breasts in the last trimester of my pregnancy. They don't seem to be fading yet (my daughter is seven weeks old) but I'm sure they will... hopefully yours too. I know some creams are around to help prevent getting marks but I haven't heard of any that help them fade.
I found using Bio Oil excellent - does not remove completely. Not expensive either. I get it from pharmacy
Hi there
Pure vitamin E is great for strech marks and scars(pierce a capsule and just rub in).Also, Loreal has brought out a product called stretch mark eraser which is meant to be really great too.
i heard hat bio oils helps fade marks. my freind swears by it. smile

2 Under 1

I had our bubba on 22.04.04
i must have been flogged with the stretch mark stick when i was preggas. I have them basically from my boobs to half way down my thighs.

Im not sure on the soft fair skin thing as i am olive complexion. not very dark look sun tanned.

My stretch marks turned dark brown before silver/cream. The marks were very deep on my lower ab. My skin also feels very dry and looks rather wrinkly n gross.

I too heard the bio oil is wonderful. I used cocoa butter and Crabtree n evely oil from 3wks preggas. Am trying the oil now. I am planning on talking to the beauty therapist maybe a body wrap or some sort of collagen infusion treatment. Even if it doesnt work at least for me i know i tried.
Even tho everyone tells they will fade anyway.
All the best.

Bris, Bubby Breannah 22.04.04 n Patrick 17.01.06

I'm 18. I have stretch marks not from pregnancy and I'm not fat at all, I just grew really fast. I've had stretchmarks for about 4 yrs until I started doing something about them. I initially used palmers cocoa butter but that didn't work. Dermelastic Serum lightened my stretchmarks from years ago and now I feel comfortable wearing a bikini !!!!
I used dermelastic serum at the very end of my pregnancy, after stretch marks had already developed. I continued to use it and now, 5 months post partum, my stretch marks have faded to the point of being almost unnoticeable.
I've been using vitamin e cream, but I think stretch marks fade overtime... I had my children 5 years apart.. So the marks faded from the first pregnancy... And well there back again with some new ones!
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