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Mini pill is abortion??? Lock Rss

Hi how are u all?
I have just had my bubs and bf so the hospital said the only contrieceptives i could have were mini pill implanon, and depo shot.
Now i have been told that the mini pill is a abortion pill as it kills the lifeform after it's enterd the egg. (works same way the morning after pill. n that is classed as the abortion pill)
I just wanted to know what others opinions were and what they are taking and what thier values and ideas on this topic were.
Also do the implanon and the depo work the same way the mini pill works?
Thanks guys

joshua 21/10/01 Samuel 03/12/06

I would question a Dr about your perception of the mini pill as I was informed very different each of the three times I have been on it.
I was told it is similar to the regular pill but minus one or two hormones and all up a lower dose to the regular pill this is because if they were the same dose your milk would dry up. The lower dose also means you need to take the mini pill at approx the same time each day as there isnt any extra protection like the regular pill.
I dont know about how the implanton or depo works. The only people I know who were on these had alot of nasty side effects.
Cheers Ness
The mini-pill isn't an abortion pill. It makes the cervical mucous thicker, preventing the passage of sperm to the uterus. It's safe!

The mini pill is a progesterone only pill- it is not like the morning after pill- it is just like the regualr pill only it contains one hormone. It works on the same premise- it does not allow the fertilisation of an egg- therefore it is not responsible for killing anything. It is the only pill which is safe to take while breastfeeding- as it does not dry up your milk supply and is considered safe for bub.

The depo needle and implanol are progesterone only hormones as well they are just delivered into your body in a different manner- and are more long term. The implanol implant can last for up to 3 years- while depo needles are only required every 3 months.

I used the mini pill after the birth of my second bub-worst part about it is if you have a sensitive system you can get continual spotting- same thing can happen with the depo- I have tried both- and suffered continual spotting each time. I have not tried implanol but believe it works much the same way.
It's really a great way to be free of extra work
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