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Post Episiotomy Love Life?! Lock Rss

I had quite a long labour and traumatic birth, the doctor ended up cutting me in order to turn Josh using the Ventouse.
Of course it was all worth it in the end, but my little man is now almost 4 months old, and the scar is still very sensitive - this makes it extremely difficult to resume a normal sex life.... I was wondering if this is normal, or if anybody else suffered the same problem & would like to share their miracle cure!! (Please?!) I'm starting to wonder if I will ever really be 'functional' again or if I am literally scarred for life! If you would like to reply personally please do - [email protected]
Thank you!

Kandice, Adelaide, Joshua 17.8.03

Has your Doctor said anything about it??

Susan, QLD, mo2 = B3y4m & G18m

Not really, havent been since the 6 wk check, but then she didnt say much, just to rub to break down scar tissue...

Kandice, Adelaide, Joshua 17.8.03

I had a short labour which made me tear. I know what you mean about feeling sensitive. My doctor said it could take up to a year to not experience the pain. My son is ten months old and I still feel uncomfortable on that side. Some positions hurt more than others. So maybe try something new.

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

Thanks for replying! A whole year huh? Well THATS something they dont warn you about!! my doctor told me that the particular thread they used to stich me up takes 3 months to dissolve (!!) I couldnt believe that they can do that to you & not even tell you... I had midwives tell me it would be better in 10 days..!
Josh is four months old on wednesday, so i guess I have a bit longer to wait yet... Yes I had been wondering what position would be best, but of course you arenot inclined to be too adventurous when you feel like this, huh?
well thanks for your advice hopefully we will both be feeling better soon!
feel free to email me - [email protected]
Bye for now!

Kandice, Adelaide, Joshua 17.8.03

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