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bottle feed. and 3 weeks later still leak Lock Rss

I put my ds on bottle from a day old (due to problems with my DD) anyways... they filled up and went down after 2 days.. completely with in 4 days... but i have found when DS is crying pretty bad (only sometimes found more in the mornign).. i leak milk.... does any one have this and does it go away... i never had it with my DD as i was feeding her and dried up with out doing anything.. but this time 3 weeks and still leaking..

Shelley, NSW, Breanna 19/11/04, Lachlan 5/01/07

hi shell
i hope your doing ok now. how is your milk going??? is it starting to dry up??? maybe it might be worth saying something to your early childhood nurse.

jess, nsw, braydon 29/10/05

sorry but isn't this one of the most annoying things about motherhood?! I am still breastfeeding and have to keep pads in my bra all the time.
I've heard from a friend of mine with 3 kids that she leaked for ages afterwards when hearing any child cry. She ended up getting bras with at least double layer of material to protect clothes and "accidents".
Hey, hopefully for your sake its cleared up by now. But apparently its quite normal & you may find your breasts will still produce milk (but not much) even 6mths down the track. It took a little longer than that for me with me first bub, but that was after 5mths worth of b/f.

Carlie, Ella & Ky

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