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When can I exercise?? Lock Rss

I have a 3 week old baby boy who is a great sleeper and feeder, as well as a three year old girl. I really want to start to get back into exercise but can't seem to find the spare time to power walk out of the house! I would take the baby in the pram, but my three year old obviuosly can't keep up! I would love to know how any one else has been able to get out of the house!

Manda, NSW, 3 y.o. girl and baby boy

Hi Manda,
I can see how difficult it is to power walk with 2 kids! Don't have any experience with this as I have only 1 baby, but have heard of skateboard attachment for prams, can a 3 y.o. stand on those? Also, how about some exercise videos to do at home? Your 3 y.o can dance along! You must be very organised, in my first 6 weeks as mum, I didn't have any time to think of anything else apart from mummy things! Have fun!

Michelle, mum to James born 15/9/03

Can you teach your daughter to ride a tricycle? Obviously that would be slow at first, but it would pay off. Otherwise, I would ask a grandma or someone if they could look after her for that time; kinda like time out for yourself.
Good on you, getting out after just three weeks!
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