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Separated / Stretched Pelvic Ligaments Lock Rss

I gave birth to my baby girl 8 days ago & have very stretched pelvic & tummy ligaments. I could hardly walk after the birth & have been given some strapping to go around my body from my chest down over my hips to keep everything tight. This definitely helps but I still find it a little difficult to get around.

Has anyone else had this problem following a natural birth?? I had a c/s with my first & natural with my 2nd. Could these be ralated?? and does anyone know good ways to make it better & how long will it take????

Please help

Mum 4 1/2 boy & baby girl 12 months (on Dec 21st)

Hi Tracey,
I gave birth by c-section & I have experienced a separation of my abdominal muscles from the pregnancy. In the centre of my abdomen I have a bulge where the muscles have separated although this is not painful in any way. I was told that this was due to the size of my baby. My girlfriend had the same problem & was told to wear firm lycra underwear to assist in the muscle repair. Best wishes, hope it starts to heal soon for you,
Hi Tracey,

My name is Kristy, I am 27 years old and and a first time mum to a 3month old baby boy. I had exactly the same problem as you have. Straight after the birth of my baby boy in Sept 03 ( i had a natural birth) I couldn't walk or move my legs. I didn't have and epidural or anything but since it was my first time i thought it must have been normal. But when it didn't get any better after a few days and i needed help getting on and off the bed and could hardly walk, the hospital arranged for me to see a physio. I was told that i had Separated my pelvic ligaments and was given a belt to wear around my pelvis and a walking frame (i only used the frame whilst in hospital)which helped take the weight off my pelvis. I found sleeping with a pillow between my legs helped to ease the pain. I also found going for short walks around the street and getting everything mobile and working also helped. My doctor said that it would only get better with time and it took roughly about 6 weeks to feel alot better.

Don't worry, it will get better it just takes time. But I sympathise with you because i know how painful it is. Hope this helps. If you want to email me my address is [email protected]
Hi Tracey Mc, have you fully recovered from the pelvic pain. I am currently experience it and looking for the way to heal it. Please advise
hi vic 20
yes I have recovered from the pevic pain. It took a few months to finally go away . I needed to be very careful getting up & down & I wore a strap /belt around my hips all day for a while. This really helped. I did a little Physio but tried to walk a fair git This also really helped. Good luck - unfortunately it just takes time to heal

Mum 4 1/2 boy & baby girl 12 months (on Dec 21st)

Hi Tracy. Thank you for getting back to me so soon. Congratulation! I would like to describe my symptom to you to confirm whether I am also having pelvic problem. I will experience pain when I rolling over in bed, pain in buttocks (can’t sit on the floor) pain in the pubic area which lead toward the vagina area. Pain after walking (but not strong)

The physio also gave me a belt to wear, I do not find much beneficial from it. I have been having pain for nearly 1 ½ month. Hopefully it will go way soon.

Did you do any pelvic floor exercise and abdominal muscle strengthening?
Hi vic
I remember doing some excercises but wearing the belt reasonably tight helped & lots of rest. Don't carry heavy loads / baskets of washing etc , be careful picking up baby. eg bend knees & be careful. I got a bit lax & started carrying the heavy washing baskets & not being carful sitting down, rolling over in bed etc when I thought I felt some improvement & I think I put myself back a little. If you are concerned at all maybe see a physio that specialises in pelvic ligament problems. Just don't overdo it.

I did some gently pelvic exercises, the ones they teach yo in the hospital, but not the leg raising ones. Mainly tightening of muscles, hold & relax. Otherwise you are trying to use muscles that are not recovered yet.


Mum 4 1/2 boy & baby girl 12 months (on Dec 21st)

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