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young professionals- mothers group brisbane Lock Rss

I am a 25 year old first time mum in brisbane, looking for mums to join in new mothers group. i am on maternity leave from my banking career and would like to meet other mums who intend to go back to their careers as well as having a family. I also think it would be great to involve the dads too.
Where abouts to you live? I live at Sinnamon Park (Brisbane West). I have 2 little girls.

Charlotte Amelia 29/7/04 & Katelyn Grace 14/7/06

I have just moved to south east brisbane, west Wynnum.
I have moved from NSW, I have a just turned 4year old boy. I am 29 and would love to met some mums.

Not working at the moment, but will be when all settled.


Hi there

My hubby and I are looking to meet up with other young couples with new bubs. We are both in our mid 20's with a 7 week old daughter. I am currently on maternity leave but will return to work fulltime when bub is 6 months old to continue my career.

I look forward to hearing from you to possibly meet up.


Mummy to Claire Bear =))

Hi Kristy,

thanks for your reply, it seems hard to find other mums and dads in the mid 20 group that are focused on careers as well as having a family, i have met alot of lovely mums but none that are quite at the same place as us you know. So my partner jeff is a carpenter and i have been a bank manager for 5 years now but am on maternity leave at the moment probably until the end of the year, i have just recommenced studying financial planning so we will see how that goes with a 12 week old baby girl. So what do you guys do for fun? We are just really loving our baby daughter at the moment the first 8 weeks are tough but it does get easier. One thing i know for sure is that being a mother is the hardest but most rewarding job in the world. keep in touch and yeah lets catch up, where do you live?? i'm in carina


i am in carina onthe east side of brisbane near carindale shopping centre
Hi Emma,

i'm in carina not to far from wynnum, so where did you move from? and how are you enjoying QLD?

Hi Guys,
I am in a similar situation... My husband and I are in our mid 20's and run our own business..

We have a baby girl who is 13 weeks but was born 14weeks prem, so is essentially newborn..?..

We live at Victoria Point. We drive through Carina everyday...
Also close to Wynnum.

Would love to chat.

[Edited on 23/05/2007]

Hi April,

Just wondering if you received my private message?


Mummy to Claire Bear =))

I am so excited to hear that there are other young professional mums out there!

I have been in Brisbane for a year and haven struggled to meet any young mums who have career aspirations.

I'm 26, my husband (business banking manger) is 27 and our son Riley is 20 months old. I have a policing background however I now work in a civillian capacity in the service and I study externally with Griffith University.

Would love to hear if you have formed that mother's group!!

HI Everyone

I am 27 and have a little boy who is 14 weeks old. I live in Thornlands and would love to meet some other young professional mums! I am on maternity leave from my job as an account manager for a label company. Have you had a get together at all yet- if you guys have room for one more, and are getting together anytime soon, would be good to hear from you.
Hey new mothers,

I am coming back to Brisbane, after living in a caravan for 4 months in Gladstone. My partner is working there.

And I am looking to meet new, mothers and families. I live on the north side of Brisbane at Wilston. I am 23 with a 5 month old boy.

I am a Qualified Chef and I do photography as a hobby. Doing photography work still, but not going back to Hospitality work till my boy walks and talk. smile

My partner and I are into horses (as we own 8), rodeos, camping, the beach, fishing, pretty much everything.

If any new mothers/fathers/families around my partners and My age would like to catch up and get to know each other.
My email address is [email protected] (you can also find me on facebook with that email)
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