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hi ladies.
my son is nearly four weeks old and my stitches (front and back - yay, didnt sign up for that!) are still hurting. just wondering how long it took any of you girls to feel back to "normal" in that area? have been having salt baths to try to heal them. any other suggestions?
I had the same tear, it's not very pleasant! I had ongoing problems with a raw patch and although the stitiches are supposed to dissolve I had to get some parts pulled out. So it took me about 8 weeks until I wasn't in constant pain. It's still uncomfortable at times (11 weeks now), and the haemorhoids are still hanging around! If you have any particular sore spots I suggest you go to your GP, as it maybe a stitch irritating you. I also got an irritating rash on the surrounding skin and had to use nappy rash cream on this. When I went for my 6 week check with the obsetrician, he used silver nitrate to burn the raw patch, this was near the back where they put a stronger stitch in, it sounds horrible but it felt so much better after a couple of days. Also I had lochia discharge for 8 weeks or so. Carry on with the salt baths and your pelvic floor exercises. Hopefully you don't get any of the complications but I thought it might give you an idea of what to look out for, I found it really hard to find any info on tears. Although they do say it takes about 3 months to feel "normal" again. Also are you having a check up with a physio, to check your pelvic floor? They have alot of helpful tips.
Hope you feel better soon!
thanks for your help. i love this website, you can always find someone going through what you are going through. have my ob appointment in a week and a half so will hang out til then.
did go my gp who checked them after 2 weeks and said they were okay but some stitches had come undone early.
will ask about the silver nitrate and the physio. thanks.
my son was only 6lb, who would have thought such a little head could cause so much damage. lol.
i heard of a woman overseas who gave birth recently to cojoined twins naturally! makes me feel like a big sook!
My baby is 8wks old now and was born 9pounds, i got 2nd stage stitches and the worst case of haemoroids ever(they're still healing)! I found the salt water baths awesome, and i was constantly on the go, only because sitting down was painful with pain from front to back, was just horrible. Good sleep and healthy eating will help, my stitches are healed but my haemoroids are still around like a bad bad smell. I'm doing my best to avoid surgery. But yes 'ginnyc' speaks the truth, her advice says it all!
i suffered a 4th degree tear, and my little girl is 9wks old now, and i still have slight discomfort,my doctor has told me that it could take a while before i heal completly

I had a third degree tear and my dd is now 7 mths and i still have some discomfort at times.
I saw my ob regularly to remove stitches and had physio twice.
I think when the stitches got tight it hurt more as they were pulling so maybe thats whats happening with you?
As for healing i had a few salt baths but thats about it. Just took it real easy with moving around (no splits lol) and remember to do your pelvic floor smile
My dd is now 4 weeks old. I had 2nd degree tear and think I've pretty much healed. Durung the second week though I was insanely itchy. Salt baths helped a bit but not mmuch. I was so relieved when the itching stopped!
the best thing i can suggest for stitches is not having acidig drinks. I had a bilateral labial tear and couldn't pee for a week becuase it was soooooooo painful (felt like i was giving birth all over again but without the epidural). Keeping the area clean and dry also helps.

I have two little girls and had an episiotimy both times. Youngest is six weeks. Still not fully healed. First time took about eight weeks for the stitches to dissolve. It is easier second time round if that helps. Salt baths were great and using a hair dryer on a low heat setting to make sure I was completely dry also helped.

Mum to Grace, Isabel and Sophie

i found that with my stitches (had a 2nd degree tear) actually healed quite quickly but the tenderness lasted a couple months especially in the bedroom i think it was 4-6 months before it wasn't too tender for BDing and then after that we had to choose the position as not to aggrevate the area.

my DS is now 2yo and now pg with no#2 i'm hoping i won't tear again although from what i heard about bubs size at the scan i should be prepared!

My son is 12 weeks today and I only just felt comfortable last week! I had 2nd degree tears, front and back and also a lateral tear (side to side).

I had salt water baths and kept myself nice and dry... if there is still pain, it doesn't hurt to put a little ice pack inside the undies..

Good luck... although it feels like you are hurting forever, it does get better.... 2 weeks ago, I was whinging about the pain still! Now I can say it does get better and I am even starting to contemplate the next baby!

Peta - SA, Mum to Elliot born on 24th of May 2007

Some things that helped me:
* salt baths
* sitting on ice packs to reduce the swelling
* get some Ural from the chemist, and drink with water
regularly (this takes the acidic sting out of your urine,
which can be very painful with stitches!)
* take a drink bottle of warm salty water to the toilet with
you and pour it over yourself "down there" when you have to
pee - helps ease the sting, and also keep it clean
* sitting on a plastic chair in the shower (standing for too
long really made it hurt)
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