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I had 3rd degree tear with first baby (now 3)and was miserable for 8 weeks or so with the first four spent sitting on a rubber ring I was in so much pain and was apprehensive with due date of baby #2 looming. I had no problems with 2nd baby (granted induced 3 weeks early as looking big and was still 8lb 9oz). Was up and about shortly after birth after just a few grade 1 stitches and have no pain or problems so you should be fine!! It truly is easier 2nd time around.
Its fun hey...NOT!! It took me a good 8 weeks after my twins to feel pretty much normal again, meaning to go to toilet without pain and to even sit down...and even go near my husband. Im sure we all heal a bit different but i went health store and got natural ointments too, not sure if that helped really but it was worth try. Hope its nnot too much longer for you, congrats on a happier topic of your wee bub.
Just thought id say my 2 bobs worth
i only had 1st degree tears so i didnt need stitches but after speaking to friends who had stitches i think i was worse off (i no that sounds weird) but... i was sore for atleast 4 months i could barely sit down without hurting..
ang going to the toilet well that was very painful so count yourselves lucky
(hope this doesnt come across abrupt)

I had second and third degree tears and an episiotomy. I also had a spiral tear the whole way up to my cervix. It took about 5-6 months before i could sit for more than 5 minutes without being uncomfortable.
keep up with the salty water and pat dry the area aferwards theres not much you can do in the way of creams and stuff should get much better in a few more weeks!
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