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Just wondering how everybody does it? Do you have routines in place of how to clean your house, entertain your toddler educationally and look after a new born. I have 8 weeks left until I am in this predicament and I look round my house now and see that I can't even keep it in order now with a 2 year old running around how will I cope with a newborn. When you have your first baby you tend to sleep during the day to catchup but you can't do that with a toddler so what the hell, mothers are bionic woman I think.
We really become superwomen when we have children. I have a ten week old and a sixteen month old and I won't lie, it is hard! I don't have a routine as such. As long as the house is reasonable I do what I can, when I can. And the kids adjust, my little girl now keeps herself occupied whilst I'm feeding and changing my son. When my son is sleeping, it's her one on one time with me. Granted, there's not much time, if any for myself but I think it's short term sacrifices for long term gain.


i never had a routine with the kids i just do whatever but i do with the house i have one day a week where i do a total clean and the kids know its cleaning day and they entertain themselves for a bit while i do it, when you have a newborn its a bit harder cause you have to stop and start but thats ok it just takes a bit longer but if i didnt have a certain day to do it it probably wouldnt get done. dinner was always a bit of a hassle for me when #2 was newborn cause he would always be crying at dinner time so when dh was home on his break about 2:00 i would cook and just reheat it, you could also make some dinners in the next few weeks before bubs comes and freeze them for the realy hectic days you cant get anything done and remember baked beans are quite a healthy meal if needs be. and puzzles are a great way for your kids to educate themselvs when you dont have the time, number and alphabet puzzles are great.
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I'm a mum to a 10 week old and a 2 year old, and I work full time (mostly 7 days a week), and have a baker as a husband so he works nights. I honestly don't know how we do it- the house is usually a shambles but as long as we are all fed and bathed with clean clothes I can deal with it. To tell the truth I have had to resort to a cleaner once a week for an hour, at $15 its well worth it. In that hour she gets more done than I do in a week. (floors vacuumed, mopped, benches wiped down, bathroom cleaned, huge piles of washing folded, and a general tidy of the house)I am lucky that I get to take mine to work with me, but at the moment even that is just getting too much for me to handle. I just keep telling myself 'It won't be like this forever' but I am finding it more difficult to enjoy my second little princess like I did my first. We can only do our best, and no matter how tired, irritated, stressed, etc we get, just remember its not the littlies fault. That calms me a bit, they didn't ask to be brought into the world, we chose to so its our responsibility to give them all the love we can.
i have just had a little girl, she is 5 weeks old and my son is 2 and a 1/2.
my husband is a police officer so works shift work and i started back at work last week for 5 hours of monday and 5 hours on tuedays, taking baby bella with me.
thankfully every wednesday i get a complete day off as aiden is in childcare and i dont have to work, so i think i do my sleep catch up then.
although i think part of my problem is sitting up late at night.
so long as i keep myslef busy during the day the tiredness passes, the second you stop though, you stop dead.
I was hopeless but now I ahve better systems. Lucky as number 3 is coming up fast. Some little things that may help:
-I have containers in every room (some big baskets, some trendy square containers, some hollow ottomans etc) and twice/3 times a day I chuck every toy I see into a box and get the floor completely tidy.
-I put the washing in the washine machine last thing at night and turn it on in the morning, by the time we have done breakfasts, dressed etc, it is done and another lot on while everyone has "outside time" while I hang it up
-I sweep/vacuum with the cordless vacuum just before hubby comes home , so although it is only clean once a day, it is when it is most liekly appreciated.

These just little things that we do but they have helped us get a routine and keep my sanity

3 girls under 3

I have a little boy just turned 2 and a little girl almost 8 weeks, I work 3 days a week and went back to work when my princess was 4 weeks old ... My kids stay with my mum while I work. I find that the days I work I am go go go from 6am to 11pm but you just need to be organised to stay on top of things ... I am lucky that my son had a good routine well before the baby come along. I try keep on top of things by having washing going while I a at work so it is ready to hang out when I get home. My son goes to bed between 5:30 anf 6pm so then I just have the baby and she is a great baby ... I do our dinner and clean up after that and I do many things at once, if I have to go to a particular room I take anything that hss been left out from that room and put it away ... as for mopping floors ... I do this at night before bed so they can dry properly while we are all sleeping ... the most important thingto remember is that no-one really cares what state your house is in!!!

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I have a 22 month old and 6 week old, my sisters call me annal but I have to have a routine. Monday is catch up from the weekend ironing and a big wash, Tuesday is house work, Wed we go to playgroup, Thursday is sheets and my husbands work clothes and fri I do jobs up the street. Obviously it is flexible but I get up and know what I have to do today. It helps me

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I have two girls one who is nearly 3 and my youngest is 6 months. I was also concerned with how to cope. Lucky for me I am at home but my husband is away alot. One suggestion that worked for me was before feeding get the toddler organised. When my youngest fed it could take 45 mins-hour. So the eldest would get some food, drink and as she was only just toilet trained I made sure she went before I was due to feed every time. You will be fine though.

Good luck with the new addition.
LOL I just read my post from the other week and LMAO, It sounded really good but I don't know what fantasy land I was living in when I wrote it!!
It might be my plan to keep the hosue tidy but actually it is pretty piggy most of the time, unless someone (hubby, MIL etc) helps me out once a week!

BTW< if Jehovah's Witnesses come to your door, invite them to come in and help with the cleaning, folding washing etc... they will help!!

3 girls under 3

Hi there
Don't stress over what lies ahead for you....I did that when i was up to number 1 and 2 and after just having my 4th child (Billy) I look back and realize I was too busy worrying about all the things that needed to be done so everything looked fine and it was just so uneccesary. Although in saying that my life with my 4 gorgeous kids is somewhat one big routine. I don't mean to the minute or hour but I do designate certain days to acheive certain things or it all goes in the "tomorrow basket" which of course never comes. Goodluck to you and make enjoying them while they are little your main priority.

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Oh god, just reading this post is exhausting! When will I have time to aimlessly float around the Huggies forum?!?

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