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Loss of appetite? Lock Rss

Hi there-
I have just had my little boy, he is now a week old. He is sleeping reasonably well, and i don't feel exhausted or depressed....but i dont eat! I get up thinking 'i'll have brekkie then....' but it just doesn't happen! It's not like i dont have the time I just seem to forget, and not get hungry! It was 4pm before i realised i hadn't eaten yet today- i'm worried about my breastmilk because of this. Is it normal? Oh- my DP has been cooking really good dinners every night for me so i am eating decent food, just hardly any of it!
Thanks- Sarah

Sarah, Vic, Jai born 19-7-05 smile

hey sarah. congrats on your new arrival! I was the same, for the first month i did not have an appetite! I had to force myself to eat, i had family pretty much doing the same because everyone kept on telling me you have to eat for bubs sake, and your not eating enough etc... He was feeding every two hours so i really did force myself to eat because i had to keep up with him but there were times i just forgot to eat because i was never hungry. I drank a lot of water though i know that is really good for your milk supply, i dont really have any advice for you sorry but i'm guesing it is normal. I always felt full and my lil man was content between feeds so i'm sure i had a good supply for him, so maybe if thats the same for you it could be ok?

2 yrs

My DD is 6 mths and I am still like that... I reckon I have lost more weight than before I was expecting and I can't afford to do that (only 54kg to start with). One thing I do is buy nibbles like fruit in tubs, museli bars, dip etc so it is not such an effort to get yourself something. I used to put the fruit etc on the table where I fed so would eat while feeding babe BUT only after I managed to get the hang of the b/f thing... Even 'good' babes are hard work!

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