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Breast feeding and the mini pill? Lock Rss

Ok does anyone have any experience or information about how safe it is to be BF and taking the mini pill? My obs said it was as safe as taking the normal pill however as soon as I stop BF I must either start taking the normal pill or use another form of contraception. At this stage I am pretty sure I will not be having any more children but of course never say never....IYKWIM. However we do not want any more right now for sure . Am I just being paranoid or is it pretty safe? Also does anyone know how long you need to take it before you are considered safe? Usually with the normal pill it is one month as you go your full menstrual cycle but this is a whole different ball game.

i cant remember completly what my doctor said about the mini pill when you can rely on the pill for contraception however i think it would be around 1month - 6weeks because i did wait a while.

As for experience about how safe the mini pill is and BF it doesnt change your breast milk if your baby is Picky he/she might go off the breast milk for a little while, but would only be a bit of a *EEEK* face then back into action. I have been on the mini pill for 5months my little man is 6months old and so far, i havent had anything go wrong. So in my book, so far so good! GOOD LUCK -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

I am not sure about the mini pill but like you I am pretty sure I am not having anymore kiddies so I got Mirena put reversible too! This method it safe while breastfeeding and it has just as good as preventative rate as having permanent contraceptive done.

Just letting you know!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Good question. Im in exactly the same boat and I admit I am worried about its effectiveness too. Im worried I will get pregnant again and its too soon! It must work or they wouldnt give it to us, but Icant help worrying either.

Renee, Vic, 3mth baby girl

Hi Ladies just a follow up re the mini pill. After taking this pill for 7 days I noticed my baby was very unsettled. He was crying, not sleeping and pulling at my breast when feeding. I thought he was having bad reflux. Then my husband suggested maybe he was hungry. So I offered him a formula feed and he took 80mls. I expressed and realised although I had milk I didnt have a lot. The information in the mini pill packet did not mention decrease in milk supply as a side effect so I contacted a few other mums and asked around and found a few had noticed the same thing had happened to them

So I discussed this with my husband and we both agreed it wasnt worth all this and I stopped taking the mini pill. I kept breast feeding to try to get my milk supply back and supp fed him formula until my milk arrived just like it had when I first got milk. My breasts were so full I had to go back to wearing breast pads for a few days.

I thought I would let you all know just in case the same thing happens to you.
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