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Where is time for me? Lock Rss

you sound like u r doin a fantastic job. When i complain people say stuf fthe housework but trhey arent the one shwo have to sit in the mess. My husband sound ssimilar to yours, though I wran him via text msg if ive had a rough day that the house is a mess so dont even mention it lol
he is pretty good and has been stuck home with the kids on many occasion now and knows its virtually impossible to clean let alone KEEP it clean.
I agree iwthtalking to your husband, as ur child gets olde rit will only get harder to keep it clean. i find I clean after breaky then let it go and do a quick tidy before DH is due home. he knows not to expect a sparkling clean house now unless he helps. Its almost impossible to keep n top of everything and us mums need time out to be our own perosn or else we got lost in being someones wife and mother and we lose our identity. So perhaps make a time every weeknd when ur huby home or even every second where u can spedn time in the garden or in the salon on ur own.
mothers groups r greta. I ha done thru playgroup association and one thru my local nurse but i now have one i made fomr girls i met here on huggies.
If u r in sydney we have a forum where we plan meet ups if ud like to join
I hope u find some peace soon


Don't let that get u down babe, i am a clean freak and i use to clean my house every single day but when u have children that is impossible. i have a toddler and a newborn and they are more important then the housework.

do onli wat u can dont push urself and if ur too tired to cook or havn't had time them grab some healthy take out, wat i do is prepare the ingredients and get my hubby to cook and we swap so we both cook.u should reali join a mothers grp or playgrp u will get lots of support from that, i mkoved interstate 3 yrs ago and i found taht playgroup reali helped me and the bub will love to play with otha kids too.

keep ur head up and dont stress bout the housework / cooking smile))

RSJA - 2 Girls - 4yr old, 8mth old

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