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Shooting pains down there?... Lock Rss

Hello to all!
This is an embarassing question, but I am wondering if anyone has had 'shooting' type pains down there after having a baby? I gave birth two weeks ago and for a week now I have been getting a horrible shooting pain, every now and then. It almost feels like this pain is in my clitoris. The midwife who delivered my baby said I had a graze quite high up, so could these pains just be the area healing itself? I have no pain when urinating so I don't think it is a urinary tract infection. Has anyone experienced anything like this that could offer some advice?
Thanks, Bridget.
hi bridget, i had the same problem i had lot of pain there for a good 2-3 weeks it does go away, you just need to look after yourself as it heals its self.
i can't suggest anything for you to do maybe some one else will reply, sorry i cant help butit is quite normal
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