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6 Week Check Up Lock Rss


I have my 6 week check up tomorrow just wondering what they do, also AF still hasnt arrived how long does this normally take?

Any advice would be great.

when i had my 6 week check up the dr just checked if i was healing properly and also did a papsmear?
hope that is helpful.
Are you breast or bottle feeding Jade as this will affect when you get your period back. I'm going for my 6 week check Friday so hopefully it wont be too horrible.


I went for my check up at 8 weeks, and took hubby & bub along for her immunisations as well. For me my GP just checked to see how i was healing (as i had 3rd degree tares), all was good so she gave me a pap smear, i was really dreading it as i usually do but even more so given what i went through at birth, however it was nowhere near as bad as i thought, didnt hurt at all, just a little discomfort. Hope this helps.

Hi, my 6 week check up prob took 20 minutes or so. Ob checked that stitches had healed, felt my tummy to make sure uterus had gone down, and an internal exam to make sure cervix ok. Then chat about birth control and any questions i had. I found that the most uncomfortable bit was when he had to check ligaments as part of internal (sorry if TMI) that twanged a bit.

DD born 17/08/2007

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