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Did anybody give birth weighing less than when they conceived??? Lock Rss

Hi everyone, we are ttc again but I am concerned because I am still overweight (although am on a diet). I weigh 80 kilos, and I was just wondering if anybody out there of a similar weight managed to lose or not gain weight during their pregnancy? (obviously I am not going to mal-nourish myself, but will endeavour to eat very healthily for the duration). Any tips/ comments etc would be appreciated as am feeling like a bit of a bloater at the moment........... thank you
hi sam , i was one of the few lucky ones, i had only put on 3 kg at 32 weeks, i was diagnosed with gest diabetes at 24 weeks so i changed my eating habits... followed a low gi eating plan ... i now am 10 kg lighter than what i started off at..
the only prob now is because i gave up all junk food , i find lately that i am maybe over indulging at timeslol now i have tolsd myself this has to stop as losing 10 kg should inspire me to keep losing, as i am a little overweight
I was around 84kgs when our twins were conceived but I suffered really bad m/s and the thought of food made me sick (literally). After they were born I was down to 71 kgs. I actually lost weight. I have put on a few kgs since they were born though lol.

I'm nearly 36 weeks and have lost 1-2 kg since conceiving, I was overweight so start with also but was concerned that me losing weight would be bad for bub.
I didn't try to lose weight but I found that ms combined with increased incentive to eat healthily(most of the time, lol)meant that in the first trimester i lost weight and have maintained the same weight up to this point.
I still have 4 weeks left and although I seem to be getting bigger by the day, still no weight gain. Obs is not concerned as bub measures correctly for dates and last scan gave est birth weight of 3.7kg


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