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i was just readng a post on horrible, unhelpful, and by the sounds of it very selfish partners and it made me realise how lucky i am to have the man i do.
my boy comes home every day after working a 10 to 12 hour day and cooks dinner. he baths our baby girl every single night, and if her feed isnt due too ate at night he feeds her to before he goes to bed. every friday and saturday night he gets up with me to help with the feeding and everything else that seems to need oing in the middle of the night in our house. he doesnt bat an eyelid at changing the most horriblist pooey nappy, and when she throws up all over him he thinks its the cutest thing in the world.
i just wanted to sing his praises...i couldntdo this without him.
My partner is the same nothing fazes him, he helps with everything and still works full time and then cooks dinner... He feels bad because he cant help with the feeding (breastfeeding) i know i'm lucky and i also dont know what i would do with out him...
I love reading about thoughful caring hubbies and daddies!!
I too am lucky!......Even if at the 3 am feed he is snoring his head off besides me!lol!
He is a truly wonderful,Thoughtful man and dd and I are so lucky to have him....(mushy moment!)

Mumma to M- Growing a Nov babe

SOOOO fantastic to hear some good daddy stories. I am also one of the most fortunate ladies alive. My hubby is great with out kids and never thinks twice about helping out around the house. He works full time and still when he comes home if i havent he will get the pans on and start cooking dinner. He helps everynight with bedtime routine, and often gets up on weekends and lets me have an extra hour or so. I am 39 weeks pregnant now with number three and and just know he will be rock when i get home with the little fella. I feel really sad for the ladies who are not as fortunate, thier men need to realize just how lucky they are to have a women who brings these miracles into the world and pull their finger out. There is no excuse these days for dads just bringing the money home and not being a part of the family struture.
its awesome to hear that our men out there do really exsist.
my little one is 9 days old and my hubby has taken a month off work to be at home with us he is so good with her eventhough im breastfeeding after i feed her he will let me go to sleep and will burp her change her and put her back to sleep. so we have a really good system happening.

he doesnt batter an eye lid about anything and he just loves bathing her. (he calls it daddy and daughter time)

the only prolem is he wants another one now to the point where he is begging and pleading with me to not go on birth control and just see what happens....

What should i do???
buy him a puppy!!! smile
haha nessy bear i will
I was pretty lucky to when our daugther was born and my partner help out when he could and would spend time with our daughter and just look at her and bath her when she needed one and if he could feed her he would of but she was breastfeed so he didnt get that chance to experince that wonderful moment.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

What a nice thread...

I too will sing the praises of my hubby, he is my truly my other half and I could not exist without him....

He also took 4 weeks off, which I am sure will be the most memorable weeks of our lives as we bonded with our son. I know that financially this can be difficult, but if you can allocate funds from your baby bonus towards this I recommend it.

He cooks most nights when coming home from work, always puts a load of washing on, and if dishes in the sink in the morning he does them before work. Saturday consists of me relaxing while he dotes on Kaden, though I love watching them spending time together.

Glad to hear positive posts...

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