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melbourne meet up Lock Rss

hi i was just wondering if any mums with babys want to get out of the house and meet up well im 23 and i have a son who is 2 and a half months and all my friends dont have babys so i would like to meet some new mums as well
Where do you live? There are loads of parenting groups/playgroups apart from the ones the MHCN puts you in. Some mums I know joined one of those get fit walk with the pram groups, not to get fit! (giggle!!) but to meet others. that may work?

Sounds good - where are you in Melb?
hi, my duaghter is 11 weeks old, amd my health nurses have been pretty slack on getting me into a mothers group.. which part of melb you from? i am from epping>>
Ive got a 3 mth old baby, and im currently also looking for new mums with their bubs to go for strolls, and get to know the other mums with their gorgeous bubs.
Im also in melb (Caulfield Sth).. Where Melb are you?!
hey id luv 2 meet up wid sum otha mums im 20 i have a lil man just 9 weeks old n were from dwn carrum way but willin 2 travel a lil way
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