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How long do your boobs leak for? Lock Rss

Hi, I remember at the birth classes the midwife said you only had to wear breast pads for a while. How long is this? My dd is 3 wks old and I have noticedI only really need them at night now, but I wear them just in case!

Tahlia 9wks

I'm still leaking at 3 weeks and hope it stops soon! Had a breast pad on off center yesterday and ended up walking around with a wet t-shirt for god knows how long sad

Hi ladies!

I wore breast pads for 8 weeks or so, then they stopped leaking. They intermittently leak for one feed a day every few weeks or so, and I just figure its the boobs trying to sort out the supply for bubs!
Good luck, and it does pass!!

I wore my breast pads for 6 months but I breastfeed my daughter til she was about 15 months old so I would now and than wear than course I could feel the milk coming when she needed a feed so it just depends on your body.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Strangely enough i only needed breast pads for 2 weeks after birth. I used them more when i was pregnant than after. My daughter is 9 weeks now and if my boobs leak i find that it is only at night and you cant really have breast pads on at night.

So lucky! I still leak, although not all the time, I have overactive letdown. I wear breast pads all day and all night. I wear my maternity bras to bed so that I can wear them but I was told if you continue to support your breasts through the night as well as the day (sports bra, soft cup bra, shelf singlet etc.) they will not turn out so saggy when you stop breastfeeding (I also wore them during pregnancy). But this advice only came from my sister who has 3 kids and says her boobs are like pinched deflated balloons LOL

I remember my daughter being 6 months old and thinking, i don't need breast pads anymore, didn't wear them it was ok, then one day I was in a shop and though I walked under a drip! I was so wrong, I leaked everywhere, had to race and get some breast pads!
It depends on if your still breastfeeding and how much milk you have...i think i constantly used them for about 3 or 4 months and occasionally if my daughter didn't have a feed I'd leak because my boobs where full. I remember when i was in hospital I had such a huge amount of milk and colostrum ..the midwives where so happy and Good luck.

i didn't feed for long as i didn't have much of a supply. I stopped when my youngest son was only 7 weeks old. he is nearly 5 months and i can still get milk from my breasts if they get squeezed!

I don't think there is a set time that they leak for. every woman's supply is different. Wear breast pads for as long as you feel comfortable!
I wore breastpads for about a year...just when it seemed they no longer leaked, i'd be in public and they'd leak again! For this reason, the washable ones are a heaps cheaper option (i also found the disposable ones irritated my nips a tad)

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