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Found- flattering post pregnancy jeans! Lock Rss

If other new mums are like me, you are probably still trying to get your weight back down to what it was and are still getting depressed as you are still wearing your maternity clothes a lot of the time. I put on 28kg and have so far lost 15kg, so still some way to go! Before pregnancy I was a size 12 in most pants, and now am struggling to fit into anything less than a 16! The other day I decided to be brave and try some "normal" jeans at Target just to see how far away I was from getting a pair....miraculously I found a great style that fit in a size 14! Only one size more than my pre pregnancy size. And another new mum, whose baby was 4 months old just happened to find the same jeans fit well also...she was walking out the change room the same time as me and we were both so happy to be buying normal and non maternity jeans again!!

So I wanted to share the details with you all as they have really helped me feel so much better about my post preggy shape...they are a dark denim stretch (and so comfy!!), classic fit (so no muffin top from hipsters!!) and have a nice length leg with bootleg (available in regular length and also short). They are $39.95 and are a great dark denim with some brown stitching on the pockets. The style number is 4005-3332. I believe that from Thursday 2oth September Target also have $10 off all jeans.

The stretch denim seems to hold it all in without any unsightly bulges, whilst being really comfortable at the same time.And the dark shade, with the bootleg, elongates the leg and makes you look leaner. They are so great that I feel like a different person wearing them and more like my previous self!

I am posting this in the hope that this helps someone else to feel good about themselves too. Although we have our lovely babies to remind us it was a good reason why we have put on weight and changed shape, it is also good and important for our state of mind, (and therefore for our babies), that we feel good about ourselves too.

Wishing you all well with your little ones and your new lives.
Thankyou so much for that post - I am still in my maternity jeans or larger tracksuits etc. I am dying to get into some "normal" clothes and just to feel a bit glam. I am going for a new hair do next week so i might treat myself to a pair of these jeans too! and for $39 bucks it is a small price to pay for feeling a bit of your old self again.
You are very welcome. I hoped that it may help someone else to feel good about themselves too. I am still wearing some maternity clothes also, but at least I now have some non maternity clothes too. Target, and also Big W, also have some great empire line/swing style t shirts that are loose around the tummy/hip area too that you may want to look at. The Big W ones were only $10-$13 (in assorted plain colours and also prints), and the Target ones (in plain colours)were around $17-25. I bought some of these whilst I was on a roll finding the jeans! Because they are loose and long, they hide that post baby tummy, but still look very "now" and fashionable, and I am not dreading the warmer weather coming now so much as I was as I will actually have something to wear.
Good luck with your new hair do!
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