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  5. is it ok to hav medication whil breastfeeding?

is it ok to hav medication whil breastfeeding? Lock Rss

im starting to get sick.. with sore throat n runny nose... is it ok to hav codral while fully breast feeding?
I'm not sure if you can have codral or not but, go to your chemist and they will tell you straight away. How old is your baby?
she's 6 weeks old.
i think she caught the cold too. she's startin to cough sleep
free hotline in Australia = 1800 647 648, Royal Hospital for Women - Medications in Pregnancy and Lactation Service. Free service and will tell you what is safe and what is not regarding all drugs, medications, radiations and occupational exposures.

hope that helps smile

I was just asking how old your bubs was coz i was thinking if you were in the first few weeks mastitis, but i think you would be past that stage now. Not that i really do know.
thanx kell bell. yes the number really helps~!^^

beautiful princess- yeh, no its no mastits, my breast is very soft and saggy already.
Hi there ring MOTHER SAFE on 1800647848. They give free advice to women in NSW on medications in pregnancy and lactation.
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