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  5. I was wondering.... when u first had sex after u given birth~?

I was wondering.... when u first had sex after u given birth~? Rss

hehehehe sorry...
I was juss very curious.. my baby girl is 7 weeks and we still havent had sex... he asks for it.. but im too scared it will hurt... so tell me.. does it hurt..?

it was about 7 or 8 weeks for us. I was cut and had 20 stitches and was extremely scared of having sex.

At week 6 we started with some gentle touching and then progressed with more until we finally had sex at week 7 or 8.

I tell you what, I was scared....but....after hubbie not doing anything to me for so long it was the most sensual love that we had made in ages.

It didn't hurt, it was more just a bit of discomfort. This lasted for about 3 weeks and then it just appeared to go away without me noticing.

Don't let fear stop you from being intimate, just make sure you stop if it hurts.

Feel free to pm me if you have any other questions.
i waited about 4 weeks with DD and with DS as soon as i stopped bleeding. the first time after DD we used a condom and lube and took it all very slowly. Just tell your partner to go slow and if it hurts stop or try something different

Nothing to see here folks!!

My baby is now three and a half months old and I am still experiencing discomfort. We first had sex at around two months. I am not sure if this is normal-it's not pain just tender.
I started having sex with hubby 5 days after baby was born..And have just about every night since then..she is 11 days old..She is my 3rd tho and i had a easy easy labor and no stitches..

My baby is georgeous!!

we waited three weeks. I had stitches. I dont know what you would think of this but I read so many articles and stuff on the net that made me think we couldnt have sex for months. And I was feeling so uncomfortable and seriously knew I wasnt ready for sex for a while after giving birth. After the first week, each day I would wash and place the water pressure down there and judging how uncomfortable it was I knew I wasnt ready. When it finally came to a time it didnt hurt or bother me, I felt I was ready. Though first time, it really hurt so we stopped for two days before we tried again. It was very comfortable but then the next try after that it was back to feeling nice.

We waited about 5 weeks (when I stopped bleeding). It was uncomfortable the first few times but doesnt last long.

The more stressed or anxious you are, the more chance there is of it hurting. Try to relax and enjoy it. if it hurts, wait another couple of days and try again scrapbooking - ask me about it ..

I think I had sex again when my daughter was about 7-8 weeks old and it was abit uncomfy but it was nice and we just took our time and was gentle and just relax as well and just enjoy it again.

I waited til I had stop bleeding and also waited til the stitches had heal up.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

we had sex within a couple of days with all my pregnancies. I only had one stitch after my 1st pregnancy (the others i didnt have any) and it was a superficial stitch (a just to be sure kinda thing) and it didnt hurt. It felt different ( i mean, its all stretch out in there now ! lol) but it was still good. Just go slw if u want to (better that way anyway;) )
within a couple of days!!!!!!
your bleeding must of stopped quick and u must of left the hospital quick too!!!!!
probably tried for the first time after birth after about 2 or 3 months... i bled for bearly 2 months tho.

it did hurt me (but i had a 2nd degree tear n LOTs of stitches) but it was a different kind of pain... felt like my stitches site was gonna tear open or that the dr stitched too far up... sorry if tmi! and kinda felt weird 'inside' like everything was still swollen.

at about 6 months we had done it only a couple of times but it started getting ok again.

i was out of hopital within at least two days with all of them.I stayed in hospital for 5 days with my first as he got an eye infection. As we only lived a couple of minutes fromt he hospital, i was allowed to go home for a couple of hours in the evening for tea.DP and i have a very healthy sex life, and we didnt wait long.

The bleeding didnt bother me. i bled for at least 6 weeks with all of them. But i found it no different to having sex when you have your period. (sorry, info overload!)
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