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Lap Banding Surgery Lock Rss

Hi - I am wondering if any of the mums on here have had the Lap Banding Surgery done??? I am considering having it done, but couldn't get in for my initial consultation until the end of the year, and me being as impatient as I am have some questions that I would like info on sooner than the end of the year.
So if anyone knows anything about it I am wondering what the approximate out of pocket cost is (I know this would vary from doctor to doctor etc), is it day surgery or do you need to spend time in hospital?? Also can you have it done while breastfeeding??

My Aunt and Uncle had this done at the start of the year. From what I can tell there is alot involved, they had to go to several seminars before they were even considered for the op. Had to see personal trainers, dietitions (sp). Cost about $8000 each and had two nights in hospital due to the pain. I know that they got a bit back from their health fund not sure how much.

It is a long process, they regularly have to go back to be "adjusted" and have to see the personal trainer and dietition each time as well.

I am almost positive that they wont do it if you are breast feeding due to the fact that once it is done you can barely eat anything. Seeing what they eat there is no way that you would be able to produce enough quality milk for bubs.

The more I see what they go through there is no way I would do it. In the begining if they ate too fast, ate too much etc they would be throwing up constantly, and get bad chest pains. Each time they are adjusted the DR sticks a big needle in their guts and does the adjustment, with my aunt for the first few adjustments they had several attempts at doing it before they had to do it under xray, evidently woman are harder to do then men.

I can only give a third hand account of what occurs, I know that they spent months on the net researching it before they decided to do it.

If you go ahead please make sure that you go to a well known Dr as there are many out there that dont do it properly and cut away your stomach etc so it is irreversible. With the one that my rels had it can be removed at anytime in case of illness etc

My busy house

definately make sure you go to a good dr. I worked in an xray clinic and saw a heap of botched jobs- it's not good when it goes wrong. do your homework before you go there.

have a look on 60 minutes web site - i think it was about 4 weeks ago now they did a story on something simular- toooooo scary!!
is this also known as "Gastric Banding"? My partner had this done. Sure he lost all of his weight (he was 170kg and is know 90kg all in 3years) but there is a lot of pain involved. Also we know of a lady that gastric banding done and part of her stomach ended up dying!!!!!

Kristy SA

Don't do it! My FIL had it done several years ago, is not a great deal lighter now than he was when it was done and is extremely limited in what he can eat. It causes a lot of social problems - for Christmas dinner, he ate mashed potato and pumpkin when we had a traditional meal. If he had what we ate, he would have thrown it up.

If you must go ahead, make sure you are involved in pyscological testing to ensure you are a good candidate, also that there is good follow up care with a dietician, personal trainer and probably a pyscologist. The problem is that there are ways that you can "cheat" the banding. So while it will encourage you to lose weight, if you don't deal with the issues that have caused you to need to lose weight, and retrain the way you eat and exercise, then you will be like my fil and still fluctuate in weight.

After seeing how he lives, I would never recommend it and certainly never do it (and yes, I could benefit with losing a bit of weight, but I would rather be fat than go through that).

Sorry for being negative, but I hope this story has helped a little.

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