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daddy can still play, mummy cant! Lock Rss

LAst nigth my DH invited his brother and sme friends over. Thats all well and good but of course I ahve to go to bed early as I have anewborn to feed and I can drink as I am breastfeeding. So while i have a boring sleepless night ( due to voices and chairs moving downstairs) DH has a great time. promises to do the 3am feed... oops missed that one! promises to take dyl if he wakes earlky.. oops missed thata agin! I go down at 7 am when we cant stand being upstairs any lnger and they are all asleep scattered around my house! so i have to come back upstairs. I had to cook ash bacon for reakfast ( they ate all the bread) and bring it upstairs and feed hom bacon and fruit in bed! NOT HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just thought i would get that out!

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

poor thing! I hate that DH can drink what he wants when he wants and I have to be so careful. Though you can have a glass of wine or something straight after you feed as the alcohol will have left the breastmilk by the next feed. I also hate that he can stay up as late as he likes and I have to go to bed cause I gotta get up and feed.
Can be a bit boring being a mum sometimes!

I think our hubbies are brothers or something!!!lol!
For the past three weeks now he has either gone around to one his "boys" places' for beers or they come around here. Now I wouldn't mind as much if he would just realise that I'm his wife and we now have a child together. Last Wednesday he went for drinks at 8pm and told me he was only having his 6 pack then coming home around 10ish. I went to bed at 10:30 and got woken abit before 1am. Then on the Friday night the lads came around here to play cards. Do you think they were quite? ha! Bub slept through it but I couldn't get any sleep coz of the laughing and music. I tried to sleep then realised they had gone quiet, by the time I got outside everyone was gone.....including my husband!!!! 3:30am I phone his mobile to get a responds of "You asked us to be quiet so we're going to a mates house down the road!!! WHAT THE?....I just get to sit inside by myself and watch crappy tv and he gets to walk off in the middle of the night to do whatever the hell he wants!!!!! Do they not realise that we don't get a brake from our 24 hour job? When he finally got home another hour later he said that he would look after Jeb and just to wake him when Jeb wakes up! HA! If that was true Jeb would of starved the whole day. Men (well my man) can be so selfish. Very time I threaten to go out or even want to go down town by myself for an hour he goes into panic mode. It's annoys me that much I have now written out step by little step what to do with Jeb for nearly every second of the day. On Sunday (even with me at home helping) I made DH look after bub the whole day......didn't last but he was sort of trying, so from now on I'm just going to walk out every now and then and see how he likes it!!!! Sorry your post brought up all the crap I've been trying to forget. I feel a bit better now smile
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