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Sleep-in, what's that Rss

Isn't if funny on weekend that dad's 'just want to sleep in'. My sleep in is feeding bub at 6am and him been happy to go back to sleep for 3hrs so i can go back to bed for some catch up sleep. DF said when we came home from hosiptal that he would sleep-in on saturday and i could sleep in on sunday as he would feed bub. That happend once and bub is now 10weeks old.

Setharoo our little monkey

Are you talking about my partner!!!!

He did the same thing. "Dont worry honey, I'll do some of the night time feeds, you relax". I think he did one.

But what can you do?

My partner says "I just dont hear him, wake me up" but when I try he still pretends he is sleeping. Sometimes I swear I have 2 children!
i know what you mean i think he got a up in the first few nights then it stopped and when i ask him to help he says he goes to work all day and needs his sleep haha i think all guys are the same the dont realise that our job is 24/7.
The only time that I get a sleep in is when I say something to my partner and thats when it normally happens and I think that its funny when my partner says to me that he never gets a sleep in anymore and that he needs it to recharge his body and I feel like saying what about me I need a big sleep in so I can recharge the body.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Hi there, I feel the same as you sweetangel. I couldn't see the point in both of us getting up in the middle of the night, if I was the only one who could feed Charlotte. So hubby used to just sleep through and then get up with her in the morning. We are supposed to have an agreement that he sleeps in on Sat and I sleep in on Sun, but because of his job, it doesn't always work like that. But if he is home, usually he will get up in the morning so that they can have some time together.
Please don't hate me..................
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