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DH opposed to Breastfeeding Lock Rss

Has anyone else had a hubby that is opposed to breastfeeding? My DH hated me doing it and with little support and a low supply (which led to nipple confusion after comp. bottles) i gave up. I have been in tears this past week over it but am finally becoming content as DD is very happy on the bottle. I just can't help but think if he was more supportive (not just there saying you can't do it with no milk, put her on the bottle, i'll get her a bottle blah blah) that i could have maybe increased it somehow. I tried eating more and drinking more water but it didn't help.

Has anyone else had a hubby that hated them breastfeeding? What did you do?

Me-24 DH-25 DD#1-2yrs DD#2-2mths

Hi Dimples

My husband isn't opposed for it but as for increasing your milk, it can also be an emotional thing. If you are stressed and stuff, which you would be if you husband was giving you no support with it, your milk can and most likely will dry up.

If you really want to breastfeed and you enjoy it, try to block out his comments so that you can feel good about what you do and then you and bub will enjoy the experience.

Do you know why he is opposed to it? Tell him why you want to breastfeed and why it's important to you and SAFEST for your baby. You know, getting all your anti-bodies and protection. I know that if I want to breastfeed beyond 6 months my hubby will be a little dissappointed, he kinda wants them back for himself!!

Hope this helps a bit!!

Lacey and Kyla

My hubby wasnt opposed to breastfeeding but offered me no emotional support either which resulted in me giving up also. I had Emotional milk problems as well to the point i was not making enough to feed throught the night. I kept telling him the support i needed especially after having a emergency ceasarian as well but he just had no idea. I have my bubs on formula as well and i am much happier (happy mum, Happy baby) but i was also dissapointed i gave up the breastfeeding as it was the only thing i felt i may have had control over (as the labour for me was the shambles resulting in a ceasar) HOwever sometimes we cannot avoid these things, He still offers me minimal emotional support regardless what his being fed by, then he couldnt understand wht i gave up the breast after 2 weeks. Dont worry though your baby will thrive on the bottle as mine is, and look at it this way at least he can then have some responsibility on the feeding side and give you a break

He sounds like he is trying to control what you are doing (my hubby was guilty of this on day 3 of birth and tried to tell me how to get Bubs on the breast succesfully, even to the point of getting a breastfeeding specialist to come and see me without me knowing!!!!) Maybe he is feeling a little left out or maybe he is bewildered with a new baby (is this his first) and is trying to offer advice, albeit unsuccessfully!!! You need to have a chat with him mothering & breastfeeding doesn;t come naturally to us women let alone to a man, maybe he is lost!!!! Good Luck
That is really bad. It is such a common thing for the men to be opposed to BF. DO NOT let them control you and what you do. What ever makes you feel best is what you should do. Stree will decrease milk supply. You can alway get your supply back even if it has gone completley. Talk to your GP
dear dimples81
my husband never had any issues and yet if he did i would wring his neck!!!!! I went through all my labour only to have a c section and i walked in the hospital with if i can i will breastfeed if i can't i will bottle. Well they took ages to bring him to feed for the first time and then he just wouldnt suckle i did persist only to have no milk come in at all. i was a mess but hubs said never mind maybe it will work with the next one, then he said well at least while i am off i can do most of the feeds so u can sleep, i was glad to hear that but on the 3rd day blues that lasted a week being stuck in hospital i was glad to come home,some men can be over protective of there wives or partners and don't like it cause well some other guy will see your BOOB but thats just crap if u feel happy doing it do it. do what u thinks right remember u carried this child and u know whats right ,dont forget if u want more children later on that next time it might come in . i think maybe he felt useless not helping i dont know i am just guessing well all the best


Hi Dimples81 my partner was very supported when I was breastfeeding our daughter and he was happy with me doing it and give me support when I thought that I couldnt do it and when I was nearly giving up but your hubby has no right to me feel like that you cant do it and plus its best for the baby to get all the protain and when the milk supple I think that the reason why you arent getting the milk is cause all the stress that you hubby has put you under when you a trying to make milk and feed bubs.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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