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hi i know i'm hopefully not going to find to many people like me.. but i had 3 kids 4 1/2 year old, 13 month old and a 5 week old.. and me and there dad have been together since the oldest was 2 1/2 and i've always had a feeling that the dad has physically abused them, but never have seen it.. last week i caught the dad punch our 5 week old in the side of the head.. obviously i have left him and have taken legal action, was just wondering if anyone can sort of relate to me, and could help me get through this so i have someone to relate to...
Hi I havent been in your actual situation, (the father of my boy tried killing him while he was still in my belly) but I wanted to say how sorry I am for this to be happening to you and good on you for being strong enough to leave him. I wish you all the best and I hope he gets whats coming to him. I hope you have alot of support around you and stay strong smile


well done for leaving him.....

thats excellent that you left him!! Now you just have to stay away. My Mum caught my Dad first hitting my older sister when she was 6mths old and she stayed and still had another kid to him (me). She should have left then because we lived a life of abuse and fear until i was 15 when he finally left. So you are a very brave lady and well done to you, your kids will appreciate what you have done for them.
I just read your post and had to say that I wish you and your children the very best and am so sorry what you have all been through.
You are a very strong brave woman as it is never easy leaving an abusive relationship.

First of all, i want to say how sorry i am to hear this, what a horrible thing you and your kids have been through. There is no doubt that you are doing the right thing by charging him and leaving him, i'm sure us on here dont need to tell you that.
Being a nurse i have seen the full affects of abuse on kids and if its happening to the children its usually happening to the spouse so if it wasn't happening to you somewhere down the line it would of too.

My husband is a police officer of 16 years and i just read this to him. His advise to you is to get lots of support around you wether that be from a womans refuge or friends and family and to have no contact with him whats so ever.
He has seen the affects on children coming from abusive homes and the outcomes are usually not good they end up going on to be abusive themselves not to mention being emotionaly scared for life.

My girlfriend was badly abused by her Dad, and her Mum was never brave enough to leave so she copped the abuse for years and years. She has had a terrible time growing up and especially trusting men, she has lots of nightmares and self confindence issues.

I'm telling you this because i want you to realize just how a right of a decision you are making by leaving him and contacting the police.
Your children will thank you and you will thank yourself.
You are a such brave woman and a wonderful Mum, you really are! I just wish alot more woman would take a leaf out of your book.

I wish you all the best, and make sure you log on if you need a bit of support. Everyone will be here to listen and help you out.


Jess 28yrs, 5yr old daughter, 8 month old son and 20 weeks pregnant.

Firstly congrats on doing the right thing and removing yourself and the kids from a horrible situation.

What you have done and are doing is very right and I hope you find the strength to continue on doing it!!

You have nothing but support here and we are all here to help you through, even if you just need to vent.

I haven't been in your situation although I think you are doing a brilliant job and please if you want to talk, your welcome to message me.

Good Luck!! and big hugs!!
wow. ive never been in your situation, but i was shocked when i read this. i just wanted to send some virtual hugs and strength to you and your children. im so glad you have had the strength to leave and report it. as all the other women have said, your children will thank you, when they grow up feeling safe and protected.
wish you all the best roll eyes
I was in your situation a little over 11 years ago.
My son was 6 and I was with a guy (Not his fahter) and he was abusing my son.
My son ended up in care and I ended up being pregnant.
I ended up leaving at 3 months pregnant as I was being abused also and feard for my Bubbys life.
When I left I never looked back, ended up getting my son back and had a beautiful little girl who is now almost 11. I am now married to the most amazing man because I made the choice to leave, keep the kids safe and except nothing but the best man for us.
I am so glad that you got out, please don't go back, even if the promises come that he won't do it again because rarely are the promised kept.
Big hugs!
I admire you so much for your bravery. You have absolutely made the right choice, and we are all backing you up, those of us who know where you've been, and those of us who don't. Always remember-you might not have made the easiest, choice, but you have made the best one. I promise that things will get better- one day, you will be SO glad you left him.
Good luck and big hugs
I don't have a child in this world just yet, but huge KUDOS on your courage to take your kids the hell out of that situation. It's unfathomable that a father would do that to his 5 week old, let alone any child, but it's even worse if he's enabled to keep on doing it. By leaving, you're not an enabler and things WILL improve, even if it is a real struggle at the moment. Your efforts will pay off in due course.

I wish you the best possible outcome for you and your children with regards to the legal recourse you have taken.

You are one awesome woman! Don't look back.
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