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extension strap help Lock Rss

hey..has anyone out there used an extionsion strap? the seat belt in my car isnt long enough to fit around my infant capsule so i bought an extension car strap...except it dosnt coem with husbands reaction to that" your f***n stupid for buying something with out instructions...what a waste of money".
anyway, if anyone has one please let me know how to use it
probably not much help as i dont personally know how to use it, however i get my carseat fitted by an RTA approved place at the kids hospital in sydney. Perhaps there is one near where you live. (you could call the RTA and ask if they have numbers for one) They put it in correctly for you and makesure its all the right equipement. It didnt cost much either
Also have you looked in the instruction booklet for your car seat? I am pretty sure that there are instructions on how to fit extension strap in the carseat my parents bought for their car
[Edited on 19/01/2010]
If you are in QLD call the QLD ambulance they will fit it for you. You just need to make a booking. Its a free service. Their is normally a bit of a wait but if you have the baby already or are due very so should try to fit you in asap. Otherwise contact RACQ or whatever it is in your state. Some of the baby shops have someone trained to fit baby seats just give a ring around and see, If they cant they will certainly know who can.
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