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My hubby bought me Flowers!!! Lock Rss

My hubby came home from work today and for no apparent reason he bought me the most beautiful bunch of flowers. Aint that nice!!

I wanted to tell you guys as although my hubby is far from from perfect and we have had our blues since the bubs has been born but i do a great deal for him in looking after him and the house and our gorgeous 15 week old boy, i also work 10 hours a week and help out in various other areas, it is really nice to be appreciated and even nicer to not expect them but recieve them.

My whole face lit up when he come home and i could see his pride as he gave them to me especially at my reaction.

The guys get a bit of a bad wrap on this site and for the most part rightly so, but i just wanted to bring some good news about my hubby, he did good today.

Thanks for hearing me out



That is great. Your hubby must be a wonderfully sensitive man. Not a lot of men really understand what a woman has to go through with being pregnant and all the body changes and then giving birth.
It is so nice to hear that there is still some nice ones out there that care enough to show you they still appreciate what you do.
Congratulations on the boy.

My hubby cooked me a beautiful dinner and bathed the babies without help, I normally dress them as he has fingers missing. By the time he started on the dishes I was really worried. He finally admitted he had been cranky and tired and not very nice at all. We have an 8 week old and 17 month old so things get busy and tiring at times. I probably should have done some apologising also but the treatment was too good. You really do forget to make time together, when you do get a moment alone you tend to think of yourself and not him. It's not perfect but I think we are moving along pretty good.

julia,mum of Lauren, Lindy & Stevie

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