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Double inline stroller recommendations Lock

Hi, I will soon have an 18 month old and a newborn and looking for recommendations for a double s...

2 replies

Member823558 wrote: if your baby is that young and you need any recommendations regarding the swing, then I would suggest you to go ...


High chairs Lock

So..time to buy a high chair for many brands out there...what do you have or would you rec...

10 replies

I really like Peg Perego Siesta Highchair, Super product, like everything European, does not disappoint. It has design, size, ideal ...


Breast pump recommendations please! Lock

Hello all! I’m a first time mum who plans on going back to work part time. I’m looking for a good...

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Kubota Chick & 2

baby walker Lock

Just wondering if baby walkers are safe to use? what age are they made for? One of my friends put...

32 replies

I have twin girls and at their 1 year check up the pediatrician recommended I get a walker to encourage them to start walking (since...


Baby show deals worth the wait? Lock

Wondering if anyone knows how good the Baby Show deals are? Due early May and wanting to buy the ...

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Riff raff! Life saver! Here’s the code! Lock

Bub has been using white noise to go to sleep. But I’ve found being out and about I’ve had to use...

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Any unwanted clothes or baby furniture Lock

Hi, I live in Western Sydney & my friend who is a nurse at Blacktown Hosp is going to be a gr...

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Opalgo 3 in 1 travel system Lock

Hi. Has anyone purchased the Opalgo pram 3 in 1 travel system? Or purchased anything from babysty...

4 replies

Hi all, I am also interested to purchase it, but there's not much info on the internet about it, and we can't physically ...


which baby monitor to buy Lock

i am expecting my first baby and i need to buy a baby monitor. i have not found any one in a any ...

9 replies

I like to use the baby monitor from MonBaby. I bought it about a year ago, as soon as our baby was born. She is always with us at ho...

Smoosh Baby Travel System on Trademe Lock

hey, I need your help with one of my issue. I have been searching for travel accessories. Next mo...

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Baby monitor reccomendation? Lock

As the title says, can anyone reccomend a baby monitor? Thanks

18 replies

You should definitely take a look at baby monitors at . There are lots of models, our dearest mamas ...


nappy wrapper disposal systems Lock

has anyone used a nappy wrapper disposal system? how did you go? I'm thinking of getting the To...

11 replies

Hi All, If you want a cheap refill for the nappy bins, try these from ebay. You basically reuse your cassettes and refill the plasti...


Baby Bean Bags Lock

Hi Just wondering if anyone has a baby bean bag? My Mum was told about them so have been doing a...

16 replies

I had one and my son and daughter fight over it, so I recently purchased a new one. The designs have gotten even better since I got ...


3 wheeler prams Lock

Hi, 1st time mum due early November and am looking at a 3wheeler pram. I am torn between the Baby...

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Baby Slings Lock

Hi fellow mums! Just looking for recommendations for baby slings? I’ve seen so many different kin...

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Baby Slings Lock

Hi fellow mums! Just looking for recommendations for baby slings? I’ve seen so many different kin...

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Capsules - using one for 2 cars Lock

Hi, I'm 30 wks pregnant with my 3rd child. With my other 2 i just used rear facing seat but ...

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Best electric breast pump Lock

I couldn't breast feed with my son and needed to express. Now 8 years down the track what&#x...

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Mountain buggy urban Lock

Hi, I've got an old style mountain buggy urban (at least 5 years old). Wondering if anyone h...

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Car Seats Lock

Hi there, had anyone had any experience withba Britax Boulevard? I actually just bought one but r...

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Car Seats Lock

Hi there, had anyone had any experience withba Britax Boulevard? I actually just bought one but r...

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Car Seats Lock

Hi there, had anyone had any experience withba Britax Boulevard? I actually just bought one but r...

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Stroller Liner - needed? Lock

Not entirely sure if i need one? Or exactly what they are used for. Our stroller is quite padded?...

6 replies

I recently purchased a Marmalade Lion Pram Liner - it comes with a beautiful cover and waterproof insert - SOOOOO comfy for the litt...


Backpack or Purse Nappy Bag? Lock

Hey everyone, I am trying to figure out what nappy bag to get my sister who has just had her firs...

2 replies

makalu wrote: Personally I'd let your sister choose. Show her the ones you're thinking of online then get the one she want...



HI, Well with 3 weeks to go I am definately over it all. But while out baby shopping we came acr...

1 reply

I have one forsale you can email me if you like [email protected]


Pram recommendations saught Lock

Hi Mums and Dads, I'm currently early stage pregnancy with my second child and looking for ...

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ideas for gift basket for a new mum Lock

Does anybody have any suggestions of things that would be perfect for a gift basket for a first t...

12 replies

My go to gift for expecting mums


Double pram to fit Suzuki Swift ?!?! Lock

Hi! I'm due with baby #2 in September and I really want a double pram (baby #1 will be 19mth...

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Advice for expecting mums Lock

I just thought I wanted to say to expecting mothers do not go out and buy hundreds of dollars wor...

7 replies

Hi When I was pregnant I found some interesting topics online which were very helpful as I was pretty scared and I had absolutely no...

Mumma to be

Baby Monitors - so many to choose from Lock

Hi all I am a first time mum to be and am wanting some advice on baby monitors please, I can...

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Mid Price Range Pram/stroller Lock

Hi All, Does anyone have recommendations for a good middle of the range Pram/stroller? I'm ...

1 reply

Hi Jessica, I bought one from Big W, which cost about $300 give or take a bit. You can get an attachment for a bassinet which is a ...


Safe Sleeping Environment for your Newborn/ Cot Mattress Lock

It’s a complex juggling act trying to keep baby happy, dry and clean. Your baby needs ongoing att...

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Which pram works best for 1 baby Lock

I need advice on prams as im new to this n pregnant with baby number 1 which Stroller works Best ...

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What to/not to buy? Lock

Hi I am soon be a first time mum (end of Nov in hot climate) and trying to figure out what I real...

2 replies

Your list looks good - one thing I would add that helped me continue with breast feeding is hydrogel breast discs. Take them to hosp...


Searching KITE-WRAP Lock

Hi everyone, Im searching for a brand of swaddle wrap. All I know is it has a tag called KITE-WR...

1 reply

I have been given one of these and it has a Target label inside.


What size clothes for a newborn Lock

Hi ladies Im a first time mum. My baby measured in the 45th percentile at my 20 week scan. My hus...

6 replies

My 1st was 000 (43 weeks) 2nd 0000 (39 weeks) 3rd & 4th 00000 (37 & 38 weeks) Friend just had a baby on due date he was 00


Car seat or Bassinet Pram Attachment? Lock

Hi everyone, from your own experiences, would you recommend having a car seat attachment for your...

5 replies

Thanks for all your replies! Definitely helpful with making my decision! I think I will go for the capsule and get a pram that is ne...


Baby Monitors arghhh!!! Lock

Hi, we are looking to purchase a monitor for when our bub arrives, however are over whelmed with ...

3 replies

I've got the oricom monitor with the sensor pad as well it's brilliant. We haven't taken it travelling yet but will a...


Nursery Furniture Help Lock

Hi ladies, I am a soon to be first time mum & I'm just wondering what your thoughts are...

4 replies

Until things are properly settled with your newborn, I can suggest this hospital type bassinet . It can really help out a lot during...