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How many of you have the HugABub and, for those who do, how do you find wearing it?

I find it a little fiddly as usually my bub is crying while I'm trying to sort it all out and tie it up. Then she cries even more when I try to manouveur (sp) her into it.

I think once I got it right and it was firm enough where I felt comfortable enough to walk around handsfree but usually I still have to hold her as she slides right down my torso in it (I can't get it tight enough). I have had to watch the instructional dvd that came with it almost every time and, maybe I'm just clumsy but I still don't get it right and firm enough. So, yeah, here's me manipulating this cloth around me watching the dvd and bub is crying in the background.

Having said that, the time I got it firm and secure enough, I liked it as it was warmer and felt like it was better for bub as she seemed more supported and 'hugged' closer to me. Her head didn't have to bend forward at an awkward angle just to rest on my chest (which she does in the Baby Bjorn).

If you have any tips for the HugABub, would love to hear them as I'm thinking of just selling it on Ebay and getting my money back for it.
I don't have a hAb, but I am getting one. I have discussed it at great lengths with my friend who has one. They do take practice, so maybe when bubs is asleep do it over and over again so you can practice without the pressure. The people I know that do have them - love them!! You might find some helpful info at or on the natural parenting forum. I hope you work it out as the Baby Bjorns aren't good for babies spines....I am using a mei tei at the moment and it is fantastic!! Happy babywearing!!
Hi OC, thanks for your reply!

You're right, it does take a bit of practice as I have tried it a few more times since my post and she is currently sitting in it asleep as I type. I worked out that the trick is to make it reasonably tight up top...then it loosens up as I put her into it. Once I get the hang of it, I know I'll like it over the Bjorn.

I do and I don't like the Bjorn...I like it because it's easier to put on, very clip and go. I don't like it for the reason you pointed out above; it doesn't seem like it's good for her spine as it seems to place a lot of pressure on her back and neck (when she goes to rest her head on my chest).

My other concern is for when the hot weather hits....the HugABub might be a bit too warm for comfort? Has anyone worn bub in it when it's been hot? I guess I'll just dress her right down to singlet/nappy etc on those days.

[Edited on 27/10/2007]
No worries! I'm glad you got it sorted!!

I'm the same about the bb. I was given one and its handy in regards of ease to use, but if your babies spine isn't developed enough - it can stuff it for life. This is the info on it. When you use your HAB make sure bubs legs are tucked in. (like cross legged) otherwise it can have a similar effect. It also applies to jolly jumpers and things as well.

The hot weather can be a problem. Maybe you'll find a really light one by then!!

Good luck with it all.
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