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Hello....I need some advice on Huggies Wipes?? I am due at the beggining of January and i would like to start buying Huggies Wipes each time i do my weekly shopping so that i dont have to buy them for some time after i have the baby? Do the wipes have an expiry date is it too early for me to start stocking up on them now?? Please leave any advice that any of you might have and thanks very much. Also should i be getting only the Sensitive ones blue color or can i get the green color ones as well as the scented ones?? Thanks very much again. Diana
[Edited on 25/10/2007]

Not sure about whether they have an expiry date or not but I personally don't use any kind of wipes at home (I have the same packet of Huggies Wipes that were given tome before Maya was born 8 weeks ago). At home, I use cotton balls and warm water to wipe bubby and only use the wipes when out, as they are convenient.
I use cloth wipes and nappies at home and whatever wipes have the least amount of chemicals, perfume and no alcohol when out.
The wipes although they smell nice can cause nappy rash or contribute to it. This goes for some nappies and bath products that are full of chemicals and pefumes.

Babies skin is so sensitive you need to use as little as possible on it.
We've got a little 3 week old bub and I wish I had stocked up more on wipes before the birth! In hospital we just used cloths with warm water which worked well, although at home thats a little difficult as there is no sink near the change table. We've been trying all different types of wipes and I can say that the more expensive ones like Huggies have been good. We've had some bad experiences with cheaper ones that were like cardboard. At this stage I can't really say that there has been a difference between the different colour Huggie packs though. They all seem to work well.

And as long as you change nappies regularly and keep bub's bottom clean you shouldn't have a problem with nappy rash. We haven't encountered it yet and we are big Huggie wipe users!
I am a big fan of Wipes.

I used the Sensitive wipes at the hospital when DD was born (2days) and then used normal ones at home - The Green ones are just unscented, and the orange ones are scented like Shea Butter now. Personally, I use the Orange scented ones as I love the smell and sure helps when they get to the stinky nappy stage (solids!).

Wipes don't have an expiry date as they are sealed closed and don't loose their moisture. They are def something I use at every nappy change (To be honest I don't have time nor patience to be washing a bum with water and cotton balls every nappy change) and I stock up on them when they are on special. I have heaps of packets in the nursery ready for DD#2 who is due in a few more weeks.

If it helps, Use the sensitive ones to start with then go through a few packs of the green ones, and if bubs doesn't have any skin problems/dry skin then you can use the scented ones if you wish.

It really is a personal choice. Wipes are very handy for going out and about but I use them just as much at home!

Best of luck!

DD#1 - 3.7yrs, DD#2 -20mnths, DD#3 is here! 21.08.

i use all brands i add extra water to the wipes i use when i am out into the container they are in.

when i am at home i use cheap ones and rinse them in warm water they are eaiser to use and clean with.

i also use cloths when at home as well
I bought everything before my first as I went along and think although home wipes etc are cheaper and probably better for the baby/environment The huggies wipes are great and just make life much easier. They last for ages - I usually wait until I see them on sale and buy 4 or 5 laif uyrge packets and they last well for months. The shops have them for ages before they go on the shelves I am sure. I bought only the sensitive although it worked out that any are fine for my two. Pity to waste money though if you dont know if your baby has sensitive skin.

The other things that I found handy were some of those one bottle milk sachets - I breast fed but topped up a bit on my first and then used it on the odd occasion for my second. I also found the tommee tippee bottles really good with the green trims and the peristaltic nipples (with a cross in the middle). I would suggest maybe two bottles and four teats if you plan to breastfeed more otherwise.

I also bought some nappies, maternity pads, breast pads,shampoo, pseudocrem which some people hate but I thought it was fantastic when they get sore bums. Mine didnt get any nappy rash etc but sometimes seemed to have acid wee that burnt her and that sorted it out straight away and its costs quite a bit so I will buy a couple before hand for this new baby. The soft cloth nappies I bought I used heaps to go under their head in the bassinet save changing the sheets twice a day when they dribbled milk, also over my shoulder to wind them and to put under them now and again.

I thought a vaporiser was well worth it although I only ever used it once it was great because my oldest was really quite congested and I was so glad I had it.

I also bought heaps of other stuff that I never used smile

Its so exciting though isnt it.

Vivienne, Mooloolaba

hello i use huggies baby wipes all the time, there a lot thicker so they help get the poo of easier i have tryed other brands but there not a good.

i think the sented ones are two wet, so i dont use them.

you can normaly get them on special for around 9.98 for 240 pack.

i did buy a lot of nappys new boarn,but i didnt know what i was having i got around 5 boxs and that was enough till she was into the little girls infent. but she was only 2.7kilos so if you have a bigger baby you might not need as much.

good luck if you have any other questions feel free to pm me


Constant use of Huggies Wipes (even the sensitive blue ones) leaves my DD with a rash (even at 7 months). I have always used cotton wool balls & water to freshen her up after a wee & just use wipes for poos & when we are out. Cotton balls are MUCH cheaper and I just have a little container of water on her change table to dip them in. Wipes are incredibly convenient though and necessary for poos (those tiny cotton balls just don't cut it). It all depends on whether or not your baby's skin reacts to the wipes. Using both cotton balls & wipes it probably takes me about 2 months to work my way through a pack of 240. Stock up by all means (if the special is good) but don't go overboard just incase. You'll be changing nappies for a couple of years so I'm sure they'll get used at some point LOL!


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