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Automatic Breast pump Brands? Lock Rss

Does anyone have experience with Breast pumps? I need to buy an automatic one to express but there are so many brands I am a bit confused. I have heard you can also hire but I would prefer to buy one. Please let me know if you can answer. Thanks

Mother of two boys, 6 & 4,QLD

Hi, i have just got the Ameda double electric it has heaps of different suction strengths & cycles,it is designed for everyday use & expressing once returning to work,it would depend on how many times you express as to how good a pump you will need,i looked at the medela mini electric and asked the Breast feeding Aso & the lady said this was best for occasional expressing(1-3 times a week)because the motors life only has a certain amount of hours.The Ameda double electric is expensive to buy new($300) but i plan on selling mine once ive finished using it.Keep an eye on eBay for a good secondhand one,thats were i brought mine(for $170) & it works perfectly ive had no problems with it.
Also if you plan on expressing for a while it probably works out cheaper then if you hire one
Hope ive been some help smile

ME25, DF28, DD 4, DS18 months

I have a Medela mini electric which has been great. My little girl is 2 and 1/2 weeks old and I was expressing milk using the pump to express for her. It was able to get out 50-80mls after just 5 minutes on each breast, and that was just one day after my milk came in, but that would obvioulsly depend on your boobs.

I have just stopped expressing for my girl, she is now on formula as she is a lazy sucker, kept detaching every few seconds and will not take it from my breast and I didnt want to express every feed for her, for the next 6 months.

The pump was great, easy to assemble, clean and use can be battery or mains power and has variable suction to make it comfortable for you. It was really useful at the start when my milk came in to help me build up my supply. If you will be using it a lot or you have carpal tunnel like me and cant use a manual pump I highly recommend the electric. Although I wont be using it now, I will keep it for use with my next baby. Just for piece of mind in being able to express and know exactly how much milk you were producing it was worth every cent.

I hope this helps you.....


Min, NSW, Charlotte 30/8/05

The Avent Isis Breast pump is wonderful and gentle while being very effective. You can get it easily from ebay cheaper than retail aswell!

Cassie of WA with Travis born 19/7/05 and Emmilien

With my first baby the hospital recommended the Avent manual pump. I don't know why - it was pretty useless and time consuming.

I then discovered the Medela electric/battery operated pump. This was fantastic, easy to use with fast results.

Mary,Dana 16mths & Ethan 3mths

You could buy the new Avent Isis Electric double pump from overseas. Im sure you could find it on ebay and just buy a power adaptor. Theyre meant to be fantastic. A girlfriend of mine in London has one and she loves it because she can use it as a manual or electric pump. Giving you more choices!

Belle, QLD. Son born 08/01/04

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