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Side by side or tandem pram Lock Rss

Hi everyone

With a 20 month old and a 2 week old we are in desperate need of a double pram. I am after your thoughts on what would be the best way to go - ie does a side by side pram fit in the supermarket aisles, are the tandem prams too long or should I go for a normal pram with a removable toddler seat. Gee I wish I had thought about this before we bought our Jeep pram cause they don't have the option for a toddler seat.

We have just had our first shopping experience with both kids and I have vowed never again until I can get them both into a pram! It was a nightmare....

Any advise and ideas on brand of pram you can offer would be greatly appreciated ....

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we have a tandem its great where do you live? i am looking to sell it

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hi there

from personal experiance dont get a jogger with a toddler seat talk about dangerous! they are unstable enough without the toddler seat! i also used a 4 wheeler and sling and thats great when the bubs is little but as they get bigger your probably better off with a tandem just check that its easy to steer first
hope this helps


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Hi. My hubby and I thought that wwe had thought ahead. We got a 4 wheel pram with a toddler seat (I tried the 3 wheel with my daughter in the toddler seat, and it was REALLY unstable. It tipped over as soon as I tried to push it, lucky hubby was right next to it!!). Problem with the 4 wheel and toddler seat, as soon as bubs can sit up, you can't use the toddler seat. And my bubs won't lay down anymore. So I would really go the tandem or side by side. Now (bubs is 11 months), if I go to shops on my own with kids, I need to use a trolley. If hubby is with me, we take pram and a stroller. Good luck.
You have probably already bought your pram by now, if you haven't here is some food for thought. I have a 3mth old and a very tall 2 year old. I got a tandem on the salesperson's advice that I wouldn't fit a sidebyside thru checkouts etc. My oldest is not comfortable in the front because it is not big enough and prefers to sit in the back. After 1/2 an hour of shopping I am ready for serious coffee, the baby is getting a wedgee from the front seatbelt as he can't sit up. The toddler is crying in the back because he is in trouble for kicking the baby's seat and I can't let go of the pram because the weight balance tips the pram over. I don't even use it anymore. I sit the kids in a trolley. Take both children when you get the pram and try it out first.

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