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Monitors, which one's are best? Lock Rss

I've got an 8 week old daughter and bought baby monitors for $150, phillips brand. They didn't work very well, fuzzed lots and couldn't hear my daughter when she cried, I then got $60 fisher price oones to see if cheaper is better and they squeal every now and then and fuzz A LOT. My price range is about $150. Can any one give me some ideas??

I haver a Tomee Tippee one which the baby's end has a teddy light on it if you want it on, it's also battery operated, though a bit fuzzy when both ends going through battery, otherwise i have no prob. I do get some interference every now and then or if near certain things, but otherwise it's fine!
I bought it at Big w for i think aroung $90

kelly, NSW, 4year old and 2 year old boys and expe

I got given a Sleep Easy by Roger Armstrong. Its about $100 in Kmart, Target etc.
I think its great. It does have the normal static that monitors have but it also has a movement/sound sensor sort of thing so that when my son moves or rolls these lights on the front light up. The more lights, the more louder the noise/movement. It is really hot in Canberra at the moment so I have a fan going constantly and I can still hear him move or cry. My son doesn't scream or cry so I have to listen really hard to see if he makes a noise. The monitor seems to pick up even the slightest whimper.
The only time that I have found it squeals is when the parents handset comes to close to the monitor and the signals cross.
It is also battery operated but the base of the portable handset charges it so you never have to worry about changing batteries, also they last a really long time before they go flat.

Rochelle, ACT (boy 9/09/05)

Hi, I have an angel care monitor which costs around the $150. I think it is BRILLIANT! It not only monitors sound but also movement and sets off an alarm if your child stops moving for around 15 secs. Not only can you hear your child but you have peace of mind that all is well.

My monitor has a fuzz noise if it is plugged in too close to other appliances have you tried disconnecting it and moving away from other electrical objects
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