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Roger Armstrong Elfin Pram Lock Rss

This is a great site, what a wonderful idea!! My issue is prams!!!!!! I don't mind how much I spend but I would like a little pram which is obviously light and one I can walk with. My favourite I have seen is the Roger Armstrong Elfin Pram. Does anyone have one who could offer their opinion?
Thank you
Hi Jen...
I purchased the Roger Armstrong Elfin pram as Isabellas second pram, her first was huge 13kg 3-wheeler by childcare and bearly fit in the car boot.
We love it! It is light only 5-6kg and is a 3-wheeler with cute little wheels!
It has a huge basket underneath which is great for groceries/nappy bag. Its so easy to use and handle, and is priced excellent we got ours for $120 after a 20% discount!

nsw...5 1/2 month old boy....4yr old girl

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