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Portable womb noise Lock Rss

I just wanted to know if anyone has done what I have done. With my 1st born who was very unsettled I used to put on the vacuum cleaner to soothe him which did work. But it was just too hard lugging it from room to room, and then I discovered the exhaust fan in the bathroom worked just as well but I couldn't take that with me as well! Then I had the perfect portable, take anywhere answer to stop my baby from crying. It came in the form of a baby monitor. I would take the parent's unit and switch it on without turning on the baby unit and it would make the same crackling noise they hear in-utero. People thought I was mad but I was desperate! Now it even works with #2. What have others resorted to?

Mum to Aidan 20 Jan 04 and Georgia 10 Nov 05

Hey i dont want to put a dampner on your peace and i dont know the truth of this but with my first born i actually had a machine to make womb noises and was told and read not to use it as if a baby hears it they could go back to when they were in the womb and stop breathing as in utero they do not have to breathe. sort of a sids danger i think. It may only be a rumour but has anyone heard the truth of this. as after i heard that i never used my machine and both my children have aquariums in their cots - made by the well known brand/.
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