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Pram to carry New Born and Toddler... Is there such a thing? Lock Rss

Hi Mum's,

I am wondering if anyone can tell me if there is a pram designed to carry a new born and toddler at the same time? I don't want a twin pram, but was wondering what the other alternatives are? I have a 16 month old daughter and am 25 weeks pregnant with my second child... all suggestions greatly appreciated.

Michelle smile

Hello Michelle

I know emmaljunga have a pram that has a bassinet and a seat thing that sits on top of the bassinet!

And I know alot of prams have that bit for a child to stand on they attach to most prams i believe

good luck I hope you find something



melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

Hi Melly,

Thanks for your super quick reply. I will have to further investigate the options you listed.

I am just starting to wonder how I will manage 2 little ones when I have to go out by my self.

Again, thanks...

Hi Michelle,

We've had to think of the same thing....but seeing as our babies will be a little closer in age than your two, we are going for a twin pram, one in front of the other, and will put our 1 year old in the front. We will just use a single pram when we all go out as a family, as my husband will be able to help look after Naomi, and she's basically walking by the time we have two babies, she should be fine to walk a lot of the time with Daddy or Mummy's help.

We did investigate other options though before we decided on a tandem, and you can get toddler seats that attach to a pram...and if you're lucky, you might be able to buy one that fits your existing pram. The toddler seat attaches to the front of the pram and sort of sits up above the other wouldn't be able to have both children sitting up properly and seeing out,....but by the time your baby wants to sit up, your toddler will probably not want to be in a pram anyway!
A new toddler seat costs around $70 - $100 depending on what you're getting,...but I have seen them advertised in the trading post and on e-bay. You can also get a jogger pram that has a toddler seat on the front.....the one we looked at was very good, and both children would be able to sit up and see out, but they were over $500 to buy new. I haven't seen any second hand ones of those.

And yes, can get a little step with wheels on it that attaches to the back of the pram, and then the toddler can stand up in between you and the pram, but I didn't think my eldest would be able to handle looks like it would be better suited to a two year old or older, who can handle standing up and hanging on.

So there you go.....sorry I wrote a little essay,....hope it helps.....there are quite a few options out there....have you thought about the fact that you will now need two cots and two high chairs and two car seats and!!!!

What fun we are going to have!!!!


I posted some information here this morning, but it's gone to the moderator.....don't know what I said to make it go there....but anyway,...wait for's coming!!

Hi Michelle

There are alot of prams out there to carry a newborn and a toddler, trust me I have been looking around for something similar, though don't expect it to be cheap. One option is a pusher that has a toddler seat that attaches to the pusher. The toddler seat can come of when not needed, this option was out for me as Haydn was too heavy for a toddler seat, the average weight for a toddler seat was about 20kgs. The other option, which I went to, was to buy a jogger and a seat 2 go which attaches to back of jogger. This way my son can either stand or sit while bubs get pushed around in luxery. Just have a look around most baby shops or Toyworld if you have one about, there are most likly plenty more options out there that even I haven't seen. Maybe try a few different websites, addresses of which I can't remember at this stage, sorry.

Hope this gives you some ideas.

Thanks Georgina,

I will come back soon to read what you said.

As for the moderator... I think this part of the forum is just routinely moderated, so chances are it is nothing you said.

Look forward to reading your reply.

Hi Michelle

I had a Bertini pram which is suitable for a newborn up to toddler and also has a toddler seat attachment. However, the toddler seat only takes up to 15Kgs and as my son is already over 16Kgs, wasn't really an option for us. Plus it is really heavy and bulky.

Therefore, on the weekend we went and bought a Valco three wheeler. It is suitable for new borns and the toddler seat can hold up to 25Kgs. It is also really light and folds up quite compactly. Also, I think it is pretty much the only one which you can fold up with the toddler seat attachment still on which makes it much easier if you are trying to take out two kids to the shops etc.

My son loves riding around in it and I can't wait to try it out on the new bubba in about 6.5 weeks!

Good luck.

Thanks Yvette,

I think my best bet will be to go to the shops and have a look at all the different prams and find what is going to work best for us.

Thankyou for the information, it is a big help. Good luck with your new arrival in about 6.5 weeks! I still have about 15 weeks or so to go and am counting! But I am also trying to get myself organised now too.

Goodluck with your 2 little ones as well! Look forward to hearing how you go.

Hi again Michelle,
When I found out I was pregnant I went out and got a Pedigree Sport with toddler seat and extra wheel conversion kit. These are readily available in NZ and were the cheapest option. You can even get a waterproof cover that covers the toddler seat as well as the baby!
I don't know yet how well it will fit in the boot as I am currently only using it with the three wheel option, but it is very easy to steer and pretty good for loading in the car at the moment.
the same company (roundabout) also make the Triton Trekker range which is effectively the same thing, but more expensive with more colour options etc.
I know bertini do one as well, so do Phil and Ted (but theirs is a different arrangement).

Best of luck finding the right one for you.

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

Hello Michelle, Friends of ours have a son a few days older than Caleb and a few months ago had another baby. They have a 3 wheeler pram, the toddler rides in the front (like children usually do) and the baby is in like a pouch which is under the seat the toddler sits in. The parents can see the baby while they push the pram as the baby is facing them. The baby seemed very happy in there. I am not to sure what they will do once the baby gets older. We have a emmaljunga as well which you can buy a toddler seat for that clips over the existing seat where the baby sits however the max weight is 15 kilos and Caleb weighs that now. When we bought it we didnt know what we were doing or the questions to ask but thought we were pretty clever with the toddler seat until we found out much later about the max recommended weight thing. Of course the sales women never mentioned it either. Good luck in your hunting.
Hi Janeen,

We were the same with the Bertini! Thought we were doing the right thing by buying a pram that could have an attachable toddler seat, only to find out now that it only takes up to 15 Kgs! Oh well, live and learn.

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