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Pram to carry New Born and Toddler... Is there such a thing? Lock Rss

hi well i am also in the same situation i am due to have my second in december my daughter will be 18 mths when bubs comes and i also have a bertini pram and was just going to buy a toddler seat for it my daughter is only fine and not real heavy so what do you think go ahead and buy one or look for something else?
Hi Nat,

Your daughter is younger than my son and if she isn't very heavy, then I would stick to the Bertini. I thought mine was a great pram but just didn't think too far ahead in regards to the toddler seat!

Good luck.

Wow Mum's,

Thanks for all the great responses! See that is why I love this site. I know I can count on all of you to come up with the answers I am looking for. My daughter at 16 months wieghs about 11-12kg, so I feel that she might be close to some of those weight limits on the toddler seat attachments by the time the next baby is born at the end of July. I will look around and see what I can come up with. My daughter is a great little walker, but I feel there will still be times when she doesn't want to walk or is too tired and I want to try and make things as easy as possible... hopefully without too much expense.

Please keep all of your great ideas coming. They are truly appreciated here.

Michelle grin
Hi Michelle

Another thought just popped into my head after reading this post, if your daughter loves walking and isn't tired, why not buy a harness for her. Let her walk next to pram. Still go ahead and buy a toddler seat or something for her, but a harness is a cheap alternative for short walks. Haydn loves his harness and it gives him freedom, and he would rather walk next to a pusher and hold it, then be restrained. I have bought the seat to go for those days he doesn't feel like walking and will use the harness for days he wonts to walk. Some people thing a harness is a cruel invention, but I think it is great, I always know where my son is.

Someone else who uses a harness! I haven't used mine with George much yet, but I feel much happier when I have it on. Even if he gives me the slip with his hand, he can't get too far. I suspect he will also walk beside the pram a lot, but wanted the toddler seat (btw my stroller takes a total of up to 45kg in weight, I got it through, who do send overseas)

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

Hi Maddychelle

I brought a Love N Care pram with a toddler seat before we had James. So I have never used the toddler seat. I did try it out of course & I reckon the system would work very well, I'm trying to sell it at the moment as we have a fridge in our 4wd so not much room for the stroller let alone the pram.

But Love N Care may have new models out which are similar and they're probably priced around $350. The great thing is that the toddler seat is removable when you don't need it anymore and generally their prams convert to a stroller type position.

Another option, which due to our situation I am thinking about, is to have a stroller for the toddler and one of those harness (carriers) for the baby.

Good luck, I'm sure you'll find something that suits you.


Kristina, Mum of James 3yrs & Matilda 14 months

Hi Michelle.I too was in the same boat as you.I already had an emmaljunga pram but I did a lot of walking and wasnt keen on the toddler seat idea as my little boy was quite active so I anted to invest in a Jogger pram so I bought a Jogger pram called Phil and Teds.It is a Jogger but it also has apart that attaches under the and at the back of the pram for the new bub.It is fantastic as it is no wider or longer.They are available from Babies Galore.Do yourself a favour and go and check them out.Good luck

Therese,5 Children

hi yvette just wondering how much you paid for your toddler seat for you bertini pram if you dont mind me asking?
Hi Nat,

We didn't end up buying the toddler seat because it won't hold my son but when we did price them up, I think they were around $90 - $100.

Hope that helps.

thanx yvette for your help greatly appreciate it will have to look into getting one.
how about a tandem pram? we hve the baby co lite limo there are several brand like graco and mothers choice . u should find one the back seat lies down flat and thefront seat reclines a bit . and dont take up too much room in the boot of the car good luck let us know what u decide

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Just a warning about the tandem prams. We have a Sahara tandem pram by Love'n'Care. Our boys are two years apart and we bought it to accomodate the newborn in back and toddler in front. The two year old fits O.K for now, but is a fairly big boy, so we don't anticipate using it for a long time. The padded insert is removable, however, and this will allow him a little more room to move. Of course, not wanting him to move is the reason for having a double pram! Thats a whole other problem! Anyway, the back section is fully reclinable to accomodate the newborn baby. But after the first few weeks our baby has outgrown this section already. I had to start laying him diagonally to fit him in ( he's only average length ) and now, at ten weeks, I have to prop him up (with the back of the pram up) to fit him in, or turn him side on. Also, if you recline the front section at all, it squashes the baby's legs in back! Not good! So, in conclusion, buy the tandem pram if your babies are small, always awake and not claustrophobic. I think the attachable toddler seat is a great idea.

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

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