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Pram to carry New Born and Toddler... Is there such a thing? Lock Rss

Hi Michelle

I have looked into this recently as we would like to have another baby soon and our daughter is only 8 months so would like to get a pram that takes two.

The best pram I found was the Valco Rebel Jogger. It is pretty expensive ($500.00 new + $100.00 toddler seat) but an absolute dream to steer and you can have the baby facing you or away from you by reversing the seat. The toddler seat also holds up to 20kg. It is compact and folds up really small for a jogger. The toddler seat is extremely easy to remove. Once I am pregnant we will be most likely buying this pram.

I like the removable toddler seat better than the double prams. In my opinion double prams are too bulky and hard to manouver as well as limited use cos the older one will want to walk before too long.


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Well done - that sounds like a great find. I might even look into a trade-in myself!

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

i saw a funny looikng 3 wheeler pram with the baby in the usual place but the toddler was under the pram in a pouch thing like an oversized shopping basket

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Phil and Teds
i walk heaps so i got a Valco pram (i think its a runabout). it is side by side, has 4 Big jogger wheels so its really stable. Will take up to 20 kgs each side and reclines flat so it is suitable from birth...

Only downside is it is massive... i have to fold it down to get it through the doorways at home.... but i dont need it for shopping or anything like that, just walking.....

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