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Anglecare sensor monitor vs Tommee Tippee Sensor Monitor - whats best? Rss


I had an angelcare sound and movemnet monitor with my son and didn't rate the fizzyness of it ( we did live in a 2 storied home). Tommee Tippee now does one too, any advice? I knoe angelcare will be back in stock in September and apparently there is a new monitor with temperture too? Anybody else heard anything?


we have the tommee tippee one and have found it to be great, particularly as it has the movement sensor, as this is our first baby we are paranoid about everything! if we didnt have the sensor we would be in there every 5 minutes checking on him. it does have the temp on it too and the night light. the only issue i have with it is the parent monitor doesn't last too long on batteries if you have to walk around with it during the day.

we got ours brand new on ebay for $125. there are heaps of them up for auction, as well as the new angelcare one with the temp on it if you decide to go for that one, its worth a look!
[Edited on 10/08/2008]

THank you for that info. Yes the angelcare one gobbled the batteries too, we ended up investing in rechargeables as the swing and bouncer and everything it seems used batteries.

Thanks again


I'm looking at purchasing one or the other as well so am curious about which is better out of the two so would love if anyone else had any feedback?

What do you own? Are you happy with it??

Thanks in advice for your replies!

Just FYI
We used Anglecare for our first son... loved it would use it again. Since we were having twins and not able to use the anglecare movement function, we did our research and found a sensor called a Respisense. It is a portable monitor that alerts you to apnea (? spelling ie. stops breathing) cot, pram, car seat. It is not a sound monitor just a movement monitor so you would still need to use your sound monitor but we (also paranoid parents) loved the idea of having the protection out of the cot. They are expensive $175 each but can get on ebay. I got one brand new online for $130 inc postage. You can hire them for $25 a month from the website. Just so happens that my twins are 6 weeks early so have been sent home from the hospital with Hospital strength movement monitors costing $1500 EACH! We dont have to pay for them (TG) they are on lone... hopsitals are wonderful places. But we have our Respisense to use when the hospital monitors are returned and the Peadiatrician was very interested in the Respisense.
Sorry to ramble on just passing on some info you might find interesting.
Best of luck

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ANGELCARE movement @sound BABY MONITOR $299 RIP OFF!! BROKEN!!NO REFUND with receipt 9wks old
Hi,BEWARE even with receipt you have no right to refund on faulty products..Purchased a ANGELCARE sensor BABY MONITOR 9 WEEKS AGO from BABY ON A BUDGET JOONDALUP WA, and have video on my digital camera unit not working properly as tick as if baby still in cot and alarm doesn't sound as it should after 20 seconds.WE WAITED 30MINS,went into BOAB for refund and told no it would go in for repair, I said I had rang the ACCC and they said item was not of merchantable quality and I had the right to seek a refund, SEEK being the key word, the shop can say no!! repair only, had this been a Tv or something yes I would of accepted repair, But as where talking about my daughters life here I'm sorely pi$$ed(excuse the language)that they could put a $300 VALUE ON MY DAUGHTERS LIFE!! BOAB CAN CLAIM ON INSURANCE, OR RIGHT OF AS DISPLAY STOCK,OR INSTEAD REPLACE, BUT THEY WILL NOT EVEN DO THIS!! I RANG DOCEP NEXT,HE RANG BOAB and tried to reason for at least an exchange unit, they said no, he said it's there rights, I asked WHERE"S MY RIGHTS all i want is a baby monitor that works, be cont..part 1

Just remember to check store policy before you purchase and ask for it in writing that you can have at least store credit if item is faulty..this is the new one just released,we specificallly waited..$299.00 it worked well before it of story available in communities forum under perth or WA if interested..
We have the angelcare with the temperature and night light. We have been very happy with it and for us it wasn't fuzzy or anything - though at the time we didn't live in a two storey home. We got ours at Babies Galore. Just ask for the one with the temperature and night light. We bought ours for $230 back in 2006 when this model first came out (that's what i was told anyway). If you wait for their storewide sale you can get an additional 10% off.
Hope this helps.
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