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non frilly bassinet? Rss

I would like to buy a bassinet for the baby to sleep in for the first few months in our room. All the ones I've seen have a lot of lace and frilly fabric draped over and around them. Doues anybody know a place that sells modern looking bassinets?
There's a brand called Caribou. They sell quite large basinettes in a timber frame and cotton (calico-looking fabric) cradle. I know they sell them in David Jones. I would have bought one but we don't have space in our room for one. They are big enough to fit a baby until it starts sitting or pulling itself up.

We bought a VERY basic bassinet. Its a Valco Rico Bassinet. We bought it because it comes with a zip up dome to keep animals and insects out, plus you can take it apart to go away with. It only goes up to 7kgs. About $110. It has a storage basket underneath and is well ventilated.
Thank you, I will look out for those.
Just wanted to let you know that Babies Galore also stock Cariboo Bassinets. They are nice, simple with clean lines - not a frill in sight! You should be able to check them out on the Babies Galore website. Theres a pretty good range of different frames and fabric to choose from. The white frame/white fabric looks sweet but in a modern way.

Hope that helps. x

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