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Hi all,
I would like to hear from anyone who has a nappy wrapper, what you think of them? Do they keep out smells? which brand you find the 'best'? any feedback would be great.

I have a sangenic nappy wrapper. i think its ok, i do use it but its not that great. it definatly wasnt as good as i expected it to needs to be emptied regularly to avoid any smell. if you leave it too long the bin ends up smelling really bad, i went away from afew days and forgot to empty it b4 i left. i had to wash the bin to get rid of the smell. a normal nappy bin would be just as good really.

Paige 23/5/06 Tyler 27/11/08

yeah save your money, i too have a sangenic nappy wrapper and i avoided using it too much (eg, for every wet nappy, manly the bad poos) cause the refills were expensive.

If I had the choice again, I'd just buy extra disposable nappy bags.

If you really want one, look on Ebay for a cheap used one rather then pay the $50 ish for a new one.

Hi and thanks for your replys,

My Fiance said a couple of days ago, to just buy disposable nappy bags, as we'll more than likely save a lot of money smile So that is what we'll do.

I have been a nanny for the last 5 years and I have noticed nappy wrappers are one of the things parents be go out and buy and 2 months later they are sitting there un used.

The best thing is the nappy sacks (small plastic bags) that you buy at coles and when your baby has a dirty nappy it goes straight in the bag and straight to the outside bin.

For the first 6 months of your bubs life you will find that their poo hardly smells if you are breast feeding, but as soon as you start bottles/solids you will notice it smelling.

Good luck!!

Mummy to Maddie and Ollie smile

I was going to buy one but my friend talked me out of it, said it was a waste of money. I'm glad she did, all I use is a small bin with a lid, I roll the nappies up so they are sealed and make sure the lid is on the bin. It's small so I empty it everyday and I've never had a smelly problem. I only ever use those nappy bags when I'm out, there's enough nappies going into the environment I don't want to add plastic bags too.
just wanted to add the nappy sacks are biodegradable so they will break down naturally in landfill
Forget the wrapper....they suck...just get the nappy sacks...they're cheap and they do the job...and it is out of the house instantly...the wrappers don't really work the way they make out they do....I gave up in the end and just went with the bags...

Remember this wrap is crap!!!Oh gees I need sleep!!!

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